Spiritual Protection: The Why and How
Wayne Guthrie

From the day Earth was created and dual polarity was established upon it as one of its energy laws, all mankind—through its successive embodiments—has been alternately challenged and tested by the positive and negative polarities.

The reason this has been so, and continues to be so, is that the soul, motivated by spirit, descends into Earth’s vibration to take on a physical body—enabling the soul, its spirit body, and its field of consciousness to evolve together, yet independently of each other.

The soul, in one form or another, learns from the challenges placed before it as it is drawn into many experiences through successive embodiments, and discernment gradually develops to increase its awareness of the dual polarity. As this happens, the negative, if it becomes controlling or against the free will of the individual, becomes evil.

The extreme opposites of dual polarity are that of the Christ and the Anti-Christ (that is, Good and Evil), or the Angel of Light and the Angel of Darkness (that is, the light and the dark).

We, as human beings subject to both polarities, should diligently seek a state of balance. To do this, we must constantly be aware of our attitudes and emotions. To create constructive attitudes and maintain a stable emotional pattern is desirable, but for many individuals, maintaining constructive attitudes and being in a balanced state is extremely difficult. When one becomes imbalanced through negative emotions such as anger, hate, resentment, envy, fear, anxiety, greed, or lust, one’s psychic doors (chakras) are opened and instantly one has compromised oneself by allowing the negativity to enter.

At that point, one can either recognize one’s vulnerability or fail to recognize it. By recognizing the vulnerability, one can move toward an immediate clearing away of the negative vibration, thus ultimately having a chance of being balanced again. Failing to do so can place one into a situation wherein the condition oftentimes grows progressively worse, leading to the creation of an obsession (negative thought forms), which, in turn, when strong enough, can allow possessions to enter through the opened psychic doors. This means, then, that one has created a situation where one is either temporarily or permanently under the control of a force or power outside of oneself, which can lead to serious problems.

As co-creators, we have the ability to think and act positively in conjunction with the creative flow or to think and act negatively—which boomerangs back upon us causing, first, minor disturbances in the emotional body and then eventually manifesting in the etheric body. It then ultimately becomes anchored in the physical body, causing many forms of illness and disease.

Among the approaches to protecting oneself is to do cleansing and clearing in a well-ordered four-step manner.

The first step is to recite, with sincerity and meaning, the Fellowship Light Attunement, drawing forth the Universal Christ Light (White Light) into all of the psychic centers, or chakras, beginning with the pineal, and asking and visualizing that this center be cleared and cleansed, balanced, and attuned; next drawing the light down into the remaining psychic centers one at a time in the following order: pituitary, thymus, adrenals, lydig, and gonadic centers, repeating for each center the cleansing, clearing, balancing, and attuning; and then returning upward from the lowest center (gonadic) and harmonizing each with the one above it. This might be done, for instance, by petitioning and visualizing that the gonadic center be harmonized with the lydig and then the lydig with the adrenals, etc., until all seven major centers are harmonized, one with the other.

The second step, then, would be to repeat the procedure with the various bodies by drawing the light, again, through the pineal center into (first) the physical body, (then) the emotional body, (following with) the mental body, and (then) the spiritual bodies, harmonizing one to the other in the same order.

The third step is to draw the light through the pineal center into the three levels of consciousness: first, the subconscious minds (Basic Selves), then the conscious mind, and, last, the High Self.

The fourth and final step is to petition for and mentally visualize the total beingness being encapsulated within a triple shield of the Christ Light.

It is advised that, to be most effective, the attunement be done before retiring for the night and upon arising in the morning, in addition to throughout the day where there is distress or a feeling of need.

One should never take protection for granted, especially before retiring, because during the sleep state, aspects of most humans separate from the physical body while the conscious mind is at rest, becoming part of experience “over behind sleep.” Doing service work in dreams, receiving instruction, etc., can cause one to become vulnerable while moving about in other dimensions. Therefore, some form of prayer or affirmation is necessary to provide necessary protection.

The following Mantra Prayer of Protection is a further technique that should be used, either separately from or in conjunction with the above suggestions.


Father-Mother God, I ask that I be cleared and cleansed within the White Christ Light, the Green Healing Light, and the Purple Transmuting Flame. Within God’s Will and for my highest good, I ask that any and all negative-evil energies be completely sealed in their own light, encapsulated within the ultraviolet light, cut off, and removed from me. Impersonally, with neither love nor hate, I return all negative-evil energies to their source of emanation, decreeing that they never again be allowed to reestablish themselves within me or anyone else in any form. I now ask that I be placed within a triple electromagnetic shield of the White Christ Light of Protection, and, for this blessing, I give thanks.

It is vitally important in these days of distress and imbalance that each one assume the responsibility for their own personal protection. The moment one steps onto the spiritual path, the challenges of dual polarity increase. Lessons learned are oftentimes painfully experienced—in ways that are not necessary had one not taken their own protection for granted.

Many forms of protection are being taught and practiced, and this approach is a proven and tested one.

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