When an Addiction Becomes an Affliction

Present here is a young man who has recently taken Mescaline and since that time has been very nervous, upset, extremely anxious, and has ideas that he is not satisfied with his life.

John Sargent (Dr. Wayne Guthrie’s Spirit Teacher): This young man has reached the place where his High Self and his Basic Self are having difficulty controlling the action of his consciousness. You must, therefore, help this young man to completely release from that which has attracted itself to him, plus he must take a certain amount of absolute positive deterrent action against that which is negative.

He must find someone who has gone through the process of healing from taking some such drug — not mescaline but another form of addiction. He must apply the same processing as those in an alcoholic action and place himself within the power of good in the hands of a priest, a minister, or a friendly doctor.

We suggest at this time that he go through a process of clearing and cleansing his High Self, his Basic Self, and also his consciousness from all that is clinging to him. He will be left in a condition similar to a new-born child, so that you must be sure that he immediately is attracted to and becomes part of an action which will place him back into balance.

The principle is this: the High Self is never within the body of the human — it is outside the body. But under hypnotic action or under addiction, the High Self cannot enter the human to protect him or her, and if the Basic Self is forced out through hypnotic or addictive action, it leaves consciousness without help of any kind. These are the tribulations of such an action which those who take drugs do not realize.

Those who take drugs for spiritual uplifting, and who are brought into contact with their Higher Self, come outside of that action by moving upward and out of the body. This is the feeling of astral flight that they have. They actually leave the body. Their spirit then rises to the High Self or up to the Super Consciousness, or higher still. If their spirit goes lower, the Basic Self is forced out — and just the same as if the Basic Self were in trouble, it has no longer the ability to protect the body. This is the action which can occur and produce a “split personality.”

Wayne Guthrie: Once outside, the Basic Self cannot get back into the human until this condition has been cleaned away. Is this what is causing him to be so nervous and upset?

JS: Quite right. The Basic Self clings to the outside of the body attempting to reach inside. The Consciousness is frightened and afraid that it is completely without help. The High Self cannot get in because the spiritual door has been closed, so that what you have is a shell of the human. This condition can often cause insanity. This you need not tell him because it will frighten him.

Let us also state that this action should be done within a doctor’s care, but the doctor, not realizing about this splitting action, is not always aware that he does not return the fully balanced body and bodies of his patient back into place. Sometimes these bodies are left outside because a small amount of the drug is still working. If the doctor feels that he has completed his task and lets the patient go about his business, the patient can still have parts left outside.

Let us quote also that when you take people into a spiritual meditation and send the spirit out, you have also created the same situation but without the use of drugs. This is why we have constantly reproached you when you have failed to bring all the body forms back into the body or physical shell. This is exactly what happens, and you know this for you have found that many times these people have stated, “I could not seem to become myself. It took a long time to feel Consciousness return.” It is the same action.

Now what we beg you to do is to react with the same action as when you have sent the spirit out and have failed to return it to the shell. You must specify that the High Self return to its pattern, which is outside the body but opening the psychic door. The Basic Self must also be indoctrinated and returned cleansed and cleared of all outside influences. It too must be placed into balance. The Consciousness must be brought back to its full cohesion and the young man must do a light attunement three times a day for a week’s time. If at the end of that time he has not been able to return to full balance, then and only then shall he return and accept help from those others we have mentioned.

WG: Try this first and then if it does not work, go to an outside source for help. By that do you mean to Narcotics Anonymous, etc?

JS: Correct. He also must fill himself fully with healing light — with all forms of light which bring back the balance of the body that he knows about. He must also do breathing exercises — which will open the solar plexus — by filling the lungs and blowing out forcefully every bit of dead air or dead action within his body through his mouth. Let him breath this way five times in the morning, five times at noon, and five times before retiring. This must be done beginning at once.

WG: Is it correct that the High Self enters through the pineal center and the Basic Self enters through the solar plexus center?

JS: Quite right. His Basic Self will have to go in through the solar plexus breathing. He must see the breath entering the solar plexus and pull it into his body to fill its proper cavity.

WG: When would you advise that we cleanse and return the High Self and Basic Self?
JS: They must be cleansed and returned at once, for you will start the processing and he will complete it.


High Self

HS: I can’t get in because he has locked me out.

WG: We are going to do everything we can to assist you. We ask that at this time you be filled with Light and Love, that you be cleared and cleansed, in any way that is necessary, and protected until this treatment has been effective and you can re-enter.

HS: I thank you.

WG: Can we assist you further?

HS: Merely point out to him that taking drugs does not aid his spiritual development.

WG: And he should stay away from them?

HS: He must.

WG: All right, and you will stand outside and be ready to enter at the proper moment?

HS: That is right.

WG: Can we assist you further?

HS: That is all at this time. I thank you.


Basic Self

BS: I can’t get in. I can’t get in.

WG: Peace, peace, peace. I ask that you be filled with Light.

BS: I can’t get in. I am afraid outside here. I can’t get in. I can’t get in. I can’t get in.

WG: Listen, listen, listen. I ask that you be filled with the Christ Light, and the green healing light, and placed within a capsule of the Christ Light so that you are protected. Everything is going to work out all right. We want you to relax. Stay close by, and when the time is right, the door will be opened and you will be allowed to enter. We ask that you be cleared and cleansed of anything present that should not be within you. We would ask at this point that the Consciousness and the physical body be completely cleared and cleansed and filled with the green healing light, first of all, and that all which is negative and should not be present be removed and transmuted, and that you stand aside and wait for that moment when you can enter. Everything is going to be all right. Peace be with you, and bless you.


John Sargent

WG: Has this action been effective?

JS: Yes. You have by your actions brought peace, which was necessary.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA