Eternal Cosmos

Question: I know the chakras [psychic centers] are energy centers, but I’m not clear on how they function. Do we constantly receive energy through our pineal gland [Crown Chakra] that then goes into all of our other chakras?

Eternal Cosmos: No, each chakra is individually involved with its own energy, which it draws from the balancing of all the chakras. These are your meridian points. The energy flows from one place to another in order to build up, but it does not just come from your pineal gland. It comes from the areas of each individual chakra, drawing what it needs from each one, functioning like a member of a family or a tribe.

Q: But we receive energy from the Source. Where does that come in?

E.C.: The Source is always present in the factor of what you call the Creative Energy, which in turn becomes involved with what we always say is the Christ Light. You are filled with Light from various Sources, not just from that which is the Creator.

Each one of the areas in which you live, each one of the actions of the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe gives you an energy that’s necessary for the meridians, the chakras, and the cells of the body. Very complicated and very intricate. You are like a manufacturing plant, or a factory, in which every part of the plant or factory has a place, to bring about a total action of fulfillment.

Comment: There are a lot of different energy sources for all of our chakras.

E.C.: That’s right. They draw or pull from everyone. In other words, you can be involved with a group of people, and in that action your chakras pull from anyone that has a similar energy, an energy that your chakras need in order to be fulfilled. That is why many people, when nearby energies are not harmonious, cannot stand crowds.

Q: Would the Heart Chakra pull from another person’s Heart Chakra, or the Crown Chakra from another person’s Crown Chakra, for example?

E.C.: Yes. These are each areas of similar energy, and they draw what they need from them. Many people do this in groups, in which each one pulls from others to formulate a plan of heightening and fulfillment when they have a common interest.

Q: Can you block your energy from being taken from you?

E.C.: Others are not supposed to "take" your energy, nor are you supposed to "take" theirs, since takers can deplete a particular chakra, which immediately pulls back and closes itself off temporarily, which can cause depletion or even a walk-in entity to enter. However, a harmonious sharing, rather than taking, is an ideal situation.

Q: Can you close your chakras off if you are going into a group?

E.C.: If you wish. But you have to do it in a way that is right action, because you may be going into that group to gather that energy for your chakras.

Q: So how do you gather energy for your chakras? Do you, for instance, pray for God’s Will and your own Highest Good ?

E.C.: You can. You simply ask for that which is right action for your chakras, for your body, and for your levels of consciousness, and that anything negative/evil not be allowed, which is what your Mantra [the Fellowship’s Mantra Prayer of Protection] does. You send the negative/evil back to the Source, human or spirit, and simply accept that which is rightful for you. It is like saying a prayer for your own good before you enter any action that might in some way overwhelm or misuse your energy.

This can happen when you are kind to someone who needs so much from you that they deplete you, and yet you are there to help them, but they simply do not recognize that they are depleting you in order to fulfill themselves.

Q: Is it sometimes rightful to be depleted in that way?

E.C.: No, it is not ever rightful for you to give away what’s yours to someone who, at that point, is taking something that is not right for them to take. They have to find their own methods of fulfilling themselves, not take it from someone else.

Q: So if, in fact, somebody is depleting you, it’s because you haven’t sufficiently protected yourself?

E.C.: Yes, that can be so, which you can recognize when you accept the fact that you are there to help them and you have allowed it to happen, since you entered the situation without protecting or shielding your chakras or any part of your body as well. The Heart Chakra especially.

When you have a feeling of wanting to help someone from the Heart, you open your Heart Chakra, and therefore it is easily entered and pulled from.

Q: If you pray that it be rightful, will that produce a satisfactory outcome?

E.C.: You know the power of prayer. You simply ask that anything that’s not right for you, coming from anyone, not be allowed. That your own chakras, especially your Heart Chakra, be shielded, along with all parts of your body, and that you only receive that which is right for you.

Q: And you only give out that which . . .

E.C.: Which that person has a right to take.

Q: One more question, if I may. I was speaking to a healer and she was talking about how a lot of healers try to heal from their Heart Chakra, but unless they draw the energy through their pineal, grounding it from the earth, and bring it up and back out their Heart Chakra, many times they tend to have heart attacks, because they are just using the energy of the Heart Chakra and not the power of all the chakras together. What is your opinion?

EC: You should not attempt to heal from your Heart Chakra. Nor should you take only from and through the pineal, because the pineal is your heightened awareness. If you take only from the pineal, then you are only taking spiritual energy, and not fulfilling the whole body, which is needful of different kinds of energies in each area of the chakra. Each chakra has a different need.

Q: Why should I not attempt to heal from my Heart?

EC: Because the Heart Chakra can become weakened if you fail to protect it, to keep its energy from being taken. But even if you do protect the Heart, it is not the area to heal from.

Q: Then what area should we heal from?

E.C.: You heal from the entire area of your entire body. Doing so is fulfillment of the healing energy. In fact, when you look at healers who simply leave the body, as this Channel and others do, who simply come from those areas of strength, courage, and determination in each chakra, each area of the healing power comes forth in a balanced fulfillment of all of them together. If you have one single action, then it is a solitary pattern, not a fulfilled pattern. Every part of your body has to be involved with the healing as well as the area of the heightened awareness.

Q: So that was a right action?

E.C.: Yes. Because within you is the desire to be part of a healing force, so your whole body, with the door opening from the Heart Chakra, is included in the entire activity. The action takes more than just the single situation, does it not? In a car that you drive, if you just have gasoline and no motor, it doesn’t run does it?

Q: I asked because of that healer who said those people who just heal from the Heart Chakra tend to have heart attacks, and that’s why I was trying to compare and contrast, to see what’s right and what’s wrong.

E.C.: You perhaps, in that particular area, did develop that weakness in your heart which now has to be healed to eliminate anything you picked up that is not yours. You don’t need someone else’s actions. You need only your own particular fulfillment to make your entire body balanced and secure.

Q: I need to clarify that. Do you mean by relating through my Heart Chakra, which I happened to really like while I was there, I in fact damaged my heart?

E.C.: You didn’t damage it, you weakened it, because you only used your Heart and not the rest of your body, not the rest of your chakras. They all needed to work together.

Q: So how do I make that happen?

E.C.: You should ask that all of you become involved with the love you demonstrated. It doesn’t matter what you call it. You don’t need to call it by any name. You just say that all of you, not just your Heart, is involved with everyone.

Q: If all of my chakras are involved, can I still feel the process pulling from my Heart?

E.C.: That is the door opener, from the Heart. That is the area you become able to open. It is the door, so all of the rest of the chakras work through that source.

Comment: So it’s really important to keep in mind that all of me is working and is projecting through the Heart Chakra.

E.C.: Correct! That’s right, exactly!

Q: Could we say, E.C., that if the energy works strictly from the Heart, it creates a vulnerability and therefore weakens the heart?

E.C.: Yes. And we want you to know something that has just occurred with one of your members, in which she had been involved with an activity in which she almost lost her healing power because she became vulnerable using someone else’s energy rather than her own.

Q: I understand that the chakras in the feet and the hands, and another one that’s maybe six inches above the head, aren’t included in the main chakra system? Why is that?

E.C.: They are all included. Each one of your bodies is included—your physical body, your mental body, as well as your etheric body—your auric field, which the chakra above your head is part of, which is involved with your Spirit rather than your human body—all are included or should be included when you do any kind of work in the healing area. Any part of you that works from a single Source, the Heart for instance, becomes overworked and cannot fulfill the plan because the chakras that want to help and add to it are not included. You must ask that all of yourself be involved with the healing act.

Q: What about those chakras in my hands and feet?

E.C.: Each of the hands and feet is connected to an energy which circulates through the body from each of the chakras. Your hands then become the healing actions. Your hands are not involved with your Heart alone, but with every one of the chakras. Your hands are the elements of the instrument that does the work. Either touch or do not touch, you can feel it in your hands and that comes from all of your chakras working together. Your feet become that which, although many people are not aware of it, keeps you grounded, so they become a pattern of healing. You heal your body by being grounded, and you heal your body through your hands, which are involved with all of the chakras, the meridians, not necessarily just a single one.

Comment: E.C., I used to stand on my lawn in my bare feet early in the morning to ground myself and draw the Universal Energy from Earth.

E.C.: That’s correct, very good.

Comment: But then I found out I was becoming allergic to that and I had to stop it.

E.C.: You weren’t allergic to it, you were overdoing it. That’s something very much in your pattern, in which you many times go overboard in what you are doing to the point that it becomes self-depleting. It becomes something that punishes you because it’s overworked. That’s why we have told you to be careful that your body is fed properly, so you are able to be grounded and not allow your spirit to be separated from your body.

Q: So I’m ready now to start grounding myself with my bare feet on the grass.

E.C.: It is simply a beautiful action, but you do not need it every morning. That was too much. You simply need to walk in the grass whenever you feel like it, because that gives you the power of Earth as well as of Heightened Awareness. That’s why many people walk in their bare feet, because they pick up the power of Earth.

Comment: Also I visualize picking up etheric energy through my Splenic Chakra from the Cosmic Source.

E.C.: That is a very good approach to what you are doing.

Q: About that Spiritual Chakra, is there a color associated with it, like there are with other chakras?

E.C.: Yes. It is a very strange color, kind of a pink-white, mostly white. It is white, which you humans do not have in any of your chakras, if you notice. It is a white, but it has a pink love-color, too.

Q: We have discussed picking up Earth energy through our feet and spiritual energy through the pineal gland and now etheric energy through the spleen, the splenic area. Are there other areas through which we can access energy to feed our chakras?

E.C.: Yes. Each of your chakras has a different kind of energy approach and it uses that particular energy to fulfill itself. That is why we say the chakras work together, and each one approaches a pattern in which it draws a specific energy to itself and then adds that to all of the others together. Each chakra becomes a multiplied pattern as it is involved first with its own need and then is fulfilled through others.

Q: Is there anything we must say or do to access these different energies, like walking barefoot on the ground? Is there anything we must to do for each of our chakras so they may access their own particular energy?

E.C.: Simply be aware that when you are requiring this kind of action, your chakras know what is required and will add the energy they need, but only if you open yourself to allowing it and simply ask that it be done. It is their pattern, and they are truly working to keep you balanced and healed and fulfilled.

Channel: Dr. Bella Karish
Los Angeles, CA