Revealing the Mystery of Healing

Master Galen

Heaven and Earth, stars and man, spirit and matter, flowers and animals, the ether, water, earth, and fire, all are one, for spirit permeates all of creation. Spirit slumbers in the rock, it becomes faintly aware in the moss and in the algae. It reaches out in awareness for the light in the plant and in the tree. It moves the wings of the birds and the legs of the animals and the heart of man. All are moved by Spirit. Spirit, then, is all, and spiritual healing is but the healing of spirit, your spirit or another=s spirit, all are children of Spirit. Remember this. For all began with Spirit projecting an idea, and out of this idea grew an entire universe. Perfection was implanted in the seed and, although this seed had in the beginning crude and primitive form, it grew and grew and perfected itself from generation to generation as man perfected himself through that which the Creator implanted in the seed of man.

What is disease? Disease is moving away from the Creator=s plan of perfection. Disease is distortion. That is what you must correct, for all disease begins in the higher bodies. It may even begin in the spiritual body when the spirit removes itself from the path of the Creator and sadness overcomes the spirit. This melancholia is handed down from the spiritual body to the mental body, from the mental body to the emotional body to manifest in the physical body as a disease, a disease of the life stream, a disease of the blood.

Distortion, or disease, may begin in the mental body through wrong thought, distorted ideas, the willful elements of the will of man pitting itself against the will of the Creator. Again, it is handed down to the emotional body and down again to the physical body, and there it manifests as stone-like. For when the life stream is frozen, then every joint in the body is frozen also, and arthritis and rheumatic fever are but distortions of the human mind through human will.

But disease begins mostly in the emotional body, for this body is wide open to influences all about it, negative influences and positive influences. How disease and health shall manifest in the physical vehicle depends, then, on the attunement of the emotional body. You must know this and can learn the methods to treat each disease in that method which can best balance the emotional body which is distorted, whether through the spoken word, channeled light, the human hand applied to the body, or medicine. There are all kinds of medicine, from natural grasses and herbs to those concoctions from the brain of man called drugs, and yet there are bodies so far removed from truth that only drugs can balance the distortions.

Therefore, there is healing on all levels of the human being — on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels. You must attune yourself and ask yourself where did the disease begin, where did the distortion manifest first, and then you must ask your innermost beingness, your High Self, what is the cure. The answer will rise in you so simply that, as in a dream, you do what is needed to correct the distortion. Know this: you can explain what you have learned to others in a simple and direct fashion so that those seeds of knowledge may be spread to others and grow until the knowledge of spiritual healing is spread over this entire world. It has spread already. There are groups in every continent, in every country, working as you do with thought, with light, with the spoken word, with music, with vibration, with water and air and natural means. All this is going on right now.

From this Fellowship group here there are threads reaching as far as India and Africa, there are threads reaching to Europe and Asia. We from the Spirit side of life are using these threads, as you on Earth are using the wires of your telephone, to spread that which you have to give to others. Thus, in the invisible is knowledge carried from group to group, from country to country, from continent to continent. It may be given in different words and it may be presented in a slightly different form, but it is basically the same knowledge. All healing is of Spirit, and the Creator is Spirit, so all healing is from that Source.

What, then, makes healing effective or ineffective? Walls built by consciousness in rejection of what it cannot understand and walls built by the subconscious in fear of what is strange and new influence the effectiveness of healing. Therefore, it is up to you to remove these walls. When you meet one that needs to be healed do not rush in with your knowledge, do not rush in with your hands. Sit quietly and listen and let the ill one talk, for he or she will reveal what has brought on the distortion, the disease. From that you will be able to diagnose not only the disease but diagnose the source, the wellspring from whence it began and spread throughout the body, which will help with the healing.

Sit and listen with a sympathetic ear. It may take several sessions of letting someone talk, for talking out is part of the cure. When the time comes that consciousness or subconsciousness is ready to listen, then in a few simple words explain what needs to be explained. If your own High Self tells you not to talk but simply to bless them by sending them light, then do this.

A body may be twisted and distorted and ready to give up physical life, yet the spirit within cries for healing, and the spirit must be healed. There is healing wherever there is compassion; there is healing wherever there is love; there is healing wherever there is patience. Often healing does not come in words or through the channeled light, but it comes through listening and through the silent speech of your spirit to the spirit of others. Learn to attune yourself, to listen, to receive, and to let your own spirit guide and direct you. This you will need in your healing of self and others.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
               Glendale, CA