The Parallel between Physical and Spiritual Healing

Medical doctors come forward to learn and demonstrate good. Through research, they seek answers to life-and-death questions within their own approach, which seems to provide answers based upon what they have learned to help mankind. However, many medical doctors have not recognized the true Source of the healing energies flowing through them. Even those who regard themselves as scientific medical individuals have been dependent upon the past actions of those who understood that what they received did not come from their own wisdom or knowledge alone. No individual can stand alone. A wise person knows that what is received from one’s mind—from what one reads, what one hears, or what one receives from others—is not only from that source.

Rather, what is received is a composite of what comes from Spirit and from the Creative Source, flowing through each person to become blended into whatever is useful to heal and help that person and others. Ancient herbal forms from early civilizations have been used, forgotten, and brought back again by individuals through the use of the mind and of wisdom from other sources outside themselves. The medical person uses the scientific method to demonstrate healing. The spiritual healer, calling upon the same Source, uses natural healing energies within himself. But when either medical persons or spiritual healers do not use the natural law of God and act as gods in their desire to overcome death and bring back life, they have forgotten that there is only one Source of healing energy, which comes not from the human alone.

Therefore, any form of healing—whether it be practiced, patterned, taught, or learned, or part of natural forms of energy—comes from a single Source, which is the Creative Source, however you may designate that Source. There are many forms of healing, including those which are patterned and programmed actions of the medical person and that person’s own values, and those which come from the spiritual healer who draws from the same Source but uses knowledge and wisdom in a different fashion. Both are valid, but both depend upon that which is outside of themselves to perform healing acts of good.

Dr. Bella Karish
Wisdom Workshop
Los Angeles, CA