What is Meant By "Working in the Light"

Eternal Cosmos

Light is an energy which emanates from all living things. It is also that which is brought down from the Spiritual Hierarchy, Angelic Beings, the Infinite, and Universal Consciousness. So when you draw into you and send from you the Light from these sources — which are above and beyond your comprehension — you carry a charge of energy, or a Light Ray, which can be sent wherever you wish it to go.

Humans have no concept of what they truly are as instruments. Most humans accept that they have a certain amount of energy, and when it is depleted, they become distressed, and when it is raised, they become fulfilled. However, they do not realize that that energy is part of what they draw into them from the ether and send it out from them at will. They are merely the instruments through which this working action continues. If the Light becomes static, it moves outward in spurts, exactly like the electrical reaction of two wires being put together that causes a spark. This static energy can be controlled or placed into proper order by one asking that the Light they are working with does not deplete them or take from them but is useful in its charge, as it is sent out for only that which the person or objective can accept.

Too many humans continue to send Light, and do not realize that they are no longer sending it to the person or objective if it is more than either of them can accept. The excess Light simply moves up into the atmosphere and becomes part of other Light that has accumulated, not going to its original objective that has become saturated. It moves up and forms a gathering of Light, to be distributed by the Higher Beings who take it and place it where it is karmically correct to be used. The spiritual forces know better than we do how much and how little a person can receive. They never give more than a person can accept. It would be the same as placing an x-ray upon a person and burning the person because it is held too long in the area that needs to be healed — so instead of healing the person, it becomes harmful to him or her through overexposure.

Working within the Light is an automatic action of all humans, whether they know it or not. But if that Light in its usefulness is turned into an expression of anger or hate, or turned into any kind of negativity, it is still Light, but it is reversed in its polarity and burns until it destroys — without being stopped. For once it has been sent out in this fashion, it reacts against the objective, destroys it, and then energized by the destruction, cuts off from its sender and moves out to cause more harm. That is why it is imperative that humans work within the White Light and not in the Dark Light, or in hate, or in destructive thought forms.


What Does It Mean to be a Light Worker?

Eternal Cosmos

I come forward to inform you that there is a great and unusual investment in each one of you as part of the plan to bring the planet into balance and prosperity.

Many of you are not aware that you are part of an extremely special group that comes from another dimension — and most of you are not aware that you are not part of what you call normal human patterns.

Some of you have entered fully prepared to become involved with your teachers and guides. It is indeed important that each of you begins to tune in to that which is your own source for messages, knowledge, and information that is far beyond anything you have experienced or known up to this point. This ability will begin to manifest and demonstrate through each and every one. Not one of you will be exempt from receiving the extremely important messages that are slowly but surely filtering through to those chosen to be part of this plan.

Each one has become a pattern, a patron, and a particularly important energy within the coming supply, protection, and survival of your planet. Many like you are gathering together in groups in various ways to bring about the fulfillment of a plan of survival.

Some are not quite aware that much of what we have brought to you up until now has come to pass, for that which was said in prophecy many years ago is already beginning to demonstrate and manifest. You are being numbered. You are being involved with a lack of ability to make your will known. You are being controlled, handled, and mishandled, and yet most of you have not accepted the fact that you do not need to be involved with anything or anyone but your own source.

Many of you flow totally without will into actions that are not part of the plan because you feel that it is unnecessary to belong to a strong and vital army of Light. And some of you have become lax in your ways of approaching what we know is necessary in the coming days. The Earth is in a vital involvement with another dimension — a dimension that is not the good, but is that which is “Maldekian”* in its efforts to again explode your planet, as Maldek was destroyed in the past. If you as Light Bearers, as Christed Beings, do not begin to understand your importance within this coming time — not looking into your own personal needs but into the needs of the nations and the needs of the countries and the planet itself — you will find that eventually you could be weakened and become part of those who are like the sheep that follow instead of those that lead. Unless you all stay together many things will occur that are not for the highest good of the overall plan.

Q: Is this the reason why so many people seem to be scattered and don’t know where they are going, even when they walk or drive?

EC:  You are in the midst of a vortex on the planet. In every area there is that which is causing complete changes. Let us call them “wild energies,” and they flow into humans when the humans are least expecting it. If, for instance, you do not concentrate on what you are doing, let us say when you drive, and use only habit patterns instead of intensely becoming involved with where and how you drive, you become involved with this vortex.

This vortex contains extremely powerful energies that can cause all of you to become totally disoriented, even disembodied, and that is dangerous. Some become involved with complete relaxation and are not alert in any way as to what is going on. When you are thus relaxed, there is that which is negative/evil that can enter and place itself within, causing you to lose conscious awareness, and that is dangerous, also. We ask you to be constantly aware to keep your senses completely active, for if you do not, this energy enters in insidious ways to cause you to become angry or overwhelmed by emotion, not even realizing that you are caught in a web.

WG: Besides being alert, there are certain protective types of shields, and definitely the Mantra Prayer of Protection and Light Attunement are excellent forces of energy and balance.

We trust you and depend on you to bring the planet into proper balance, to bring it back into peace and prosperity, for you are the Light Bearers of the future. If you do not understand this we can only ask you again and again to follow our leadership, for we will not lead you astray. We will lead you on the path to fulfillment.

EC:  We feel that everyone should at this point be able to understand that you are going to hear, know, feel, and sense your own teachers and your guides, for millions of them are waiting patiently to make contact with you. They know each one of you is important now and to the future balance of planet Earth.


Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
               Glendale, CA


* Maldek - “Dark Star” - a planet destroyed by the evil energies within itself, long before our known history. Its influence is still being felt on the Earth.