The Role of the Chakras in Healing

Eternal Cosmos

Question: On the subject of the chakras [psychic centers]: How do you use them for healing?

E.C.: The chakras affect each other. The chakras are involved with a flow of energy from one to the other. If there is a break or an open door between them in which the chakra energy moves outward — as can occur with an open Heart Chakra — that means there is weakening in fulfilling the strength of the chakra. This may lead to diseases and ailments in the healer whose body is not in balance.

Q: In doing healing work, should we project energy from any of our chakras, such as the Heart Chakra?

E.C.: No, unless you know how to do it! For example, when you use machinery which is very carefully calibrated to produce energy, proper use does not harm the instrument. It’s the same with chakras. You carefully handle them so you don’t open them but simply allow the energy to move outward to heal and help yourself and others.

Q: How should we do that?

E.C.: You keep your chakras screened. The chakra is like an open vent in an instrument, in which you have air coming through which does not harm the instrument. It still allows air to pass but it does not damage the instrument or admit anything more than it can carefully handle.

Q: Can we create that situation by asking our Basic Selves — our Subconscious Minds — to keep our chakras screened?

E.C.: You should do that anyway, absolutely — not to close the chakras but to screen them like a screen door would. First you pray, asking that all your chakras and your energy fields be balanced and secure, and then ask that the energy — as the overflow of your love, or your need to help someone — become involved. But only that which is an abundance, the excess above that which you need, not that which takes from you. When you have a lot of love and you send it out, you don’t take it from yourself. You take it from that abundance that is the full feeling of love.

Comment: I have understood that the chakras get their energy from themselves, not necessarily just from the Crown Chakra — the Pineal Chakra.

E.C.: Correct! The Crown Chakra is simply one method of getting energy into the chakras. There are many methods to fill the whole body with energy.

Q: Is it rightful to bring forth energy from the Crown Chakra?

E.C.: Your chakras, each of them, know how to receive and where to get their energy. Sometimes the energy comes from outside the body. Sometimes it comes from the chakras of others. It can come into the body properly without in any way being involved with the Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra should be held intact and also screened. You cannot fill it too full because then there is an overflow of energy which does not enter the chakras but flows out of the body.

Q: Does the Light Attunement of the Fellowship of Universal Guidance draw the White Christ Light into all of our chakras, aligning each to the other?

E.C.: Yes, and the chakras and the body only take what they can use. So you should ask that the flow go through the Crown Chakra into every chakra, which is part of the prayer.

Q: If we are living in the consciousness of the Christ Love, don’t the chakras take care of themselves?

E.C.: The chakras know exactly what to do with your Light and energy. Each chakra has a "mind of its own," which determines when sufficient energy fills the chakra, and then any excess goes out as an abundance of Love, which is rightful.

Q: Is it best not to focus on the intellectual part of this process?

E.C.: Yes. Just be Love.

Q: Is it true that if you open and connect the first three chakras — the Root Chakra, the Lydig Chakra, and the Solar Plexus Chakra — that makes a connection to the Christ Consciousness?

E.C.: No! They are part of the animal-elemental energy of the human. Your lower chakras are filled with the elemental energy. So you have to balance those elemental energies with the love you feel for human beings.

Q: Are you saying that we should balance our three lower chakras with our higher chakras?

E.C.: Yes. It is the only way to be grounded and fulfilled within the Earth plan.

Q: What is the difference, if any, between the chakras and the auric field?

E.C.: The chakras are the psychic centers of the body, and any excess energy they produce goes out as an abundance of love. The auric field is the outer expression of this inner Light. Many times a person’s auric field reveals the condition of the body, including ailments, illnesses, and shadows. It is like a flowing pattern which is the outside form of the inside energy.

Comment: When I do healing, I have not been aware of which chakras are operating or just where the energy is flowing.

E.C.: That is because you are an instrument that shouldn’t know, because then you would manipulate it.

Q: So I should just let it flow through me?

E.C.: Correct. You are a highly attuned instrument, without needing to be aware of where the healing energy comes from, where it goes, or what happens.

Q: This is all new to me. I have not been aware of it before. So I should just do the healing work?

E.C.: Just fill yourself with the Light from the top of your head to your toes. Remember, your feet are very important areas of the chakra energies and are part of every element of the body. Often, Reflexology can heal an area simply by drawing that Light of the chakras into the feet and healing the body.

Comment: I have always been intuitively guided to include the feet of those I work with in my healing.

E.C.: Absolutely. And you see, you are not aware of why you do this, because your particular instrumentation is so finely tuned that it doesn’t have to know.

Q: Should I keep my mind out of it and just let it flow?

E.C.: Yes! Sometimes that is when the human enters an altered state in order to allow healing to take place.

Q: Is this your message about healing and the chakras?

E.C.: This is part of it, and there is still much more to come. But you can’t get it all at once, because then you could become oversaturated. It is better to present a little at a time.

Comment: I do work in an alpha state.

E.C.: Absolutely! Your instrument is not your human mind. Your instrument is part of a Christed Energy which came to you when you began to recognize that you had the gift, but you didn’t know how or why the gift came. Simply that it happened. With most healers that is true.

Channel: Dr. Bella Karish
Los Angeles, CA