Ancient Methods of Using Your Hands in Prayer for Healing
Eternal Cosmos

Question:  When we pray or meditate, I have been taught to hold my hands with the forefingers and thumbs together and with all the fingers pointed up, and it was explained to me that we do that for protection. Is that true? Also, when people pray with their hands together, is that circulating the energy back into their bodies?

Eternal Cosmos: The power of the hands comes from the Light emanating from the body, which passes through the hands into the fingers pointing up in a prayerful action when the two hands are held together. This position of the hands is as old as time, for it becomes the action in which the body energies of prayer and  Light flow through the body, then go up and through the five fingers into the Light. By the action of the hands and fingers being placed together, one increases the energy for the Angels and Archangels to take and then move into whatever is necessary to heal and help.

When you pray you must understand that your words, your thoughts, and your Light are taken by the Angelic beings and used in ways that help and overcome that which is negative evil by placing Light within the negative evil pattern to transmute it. Your prayers are important positive patterns being used by the Angelic kingdom to take that Light which emanates from the tips of the fingers upward to help and heal.

In many different methods of prayer, the hands are important. They become, for instance, very much involved in methods such as Tai Chi or Chi action, Reiki, or any of the healing actions which the Chinese have known for many centuries. The Light emanates from the hands; that Light then becomes the healing force through the movement of the hands.
Q:   When many people pray, they intertwine their fingers and the fingers end up pointing down. Is this effective in sending the Light to the Angels?

EC:   People who fold their hands or put their fingers into an action of the closing of the Light cause the Light to become part of their own need. Sometimes people pray for what they require  and in that action they are  using the Light that is within them to help themselves. Instead of the Light going up to the Angels or the Archangels to be used, it becomes a self-contained pattern of healing. They are asking God to help them, not necessarily to help the world or for that which is rightful within world affairs. In praying for self, this is one way it is done.

Q:   I was taught to fold my fingers like that and I pray for myself like that, but I also pray for the world and send Light to the world with my hands in the same position. Is it not received because of the way I am folding my hands?

EC:   It is not that it is not received, but it is not as powerful as when the fingers are pointed upward or the fingers of the hand are placed in an action in which the hand is open. This way the prayer can lift up out of the body or the electrical system, for prayer is then electric energy. Every culture has a different form or format for prayer.

Comment:   I notice when our spiritual teacher, Bella, contemplates, she will take the five fingertips of one hand and connect them with the other five fingertips of the other hand.

EC:   Correct. In other words, whatever it is she is doing in her prayers is what she is led to do for that instance. If she needs help herself, then five fingers placed together become involved with that which flows through the hands, back through the arms, up through the body and does indeed cause a healing force. The action of opening the hand or lifting the hands in a pointed action up to the source is the way that most of the ancients knew was a method of praying for help from the outside, not just inside. 

Q:   I notice sometimes when we pray in our group everybody lifts their hands up. Why?

EC:   You must be aware that people have many different ways of sending and accepting prayer and that is one way.

Sometimes when the prayer is intended for someone else, one might go to a healer who will improve and increase the energy through his or her own actions and with their hands lifted up then send it to that one who has been designated as needing help.

Remember, prayer is the most important tool to help self and others.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Glendale, CA