Questions: Are all illnesses part of a karmic pattern? Are we sometimes given illnesses or health problems in order to learn to demonstrate faith or to call upon our own forces for healing? Are all illnesses produced by one’s own thoughts?

Eternal Cosmos: I would take out the word "all," for the cause is equally distributed among that which is karmic—what you are bringing in to overcome—and that which serves others, and that which teaches humility and patience. Also, man may draw in illness to gain attention—to be part of the expression of his own ego, placed into center stage—a pattern which in many instances could be considered partially karmic and partially part of the thoughts one brings in—needing to overcome rejection in which one entered with love or lack of it. So that many, in their own way, bring illnesses to be noticed and to gain attention—not consciously, but eventually the illness becomes a conscious awareness of a subconscious desire to be catered to, to be coddled, which perhaps was absent in childhood or in some other part of their lives—either in past or present patterns in which they have been completely ignored and rejected. Man comes forward with many psychological glitches, as you call them, in his own ability to process himself.

Illness does in many instances prove to man that he has the faith to overcome that which is a weakness within him. Or, in some instances, one draws attention to oneself and it does not matter if it is brought about by love or hate, as long as one is center stage within one’s own play and within one’s own timing.

Illness may also be part of the karmic law, which many times brings an individual forth to be served by or to serve another. In some ways also, there are those who enter from other worlds, coming into your planet to be researched or to seek within your planet certain answers they need to fulfill their own knowledge, to take back to their planet. They come in fully prepared to be part of your life, but because they are unable to learn your language or your ways or your cultures, they become distressed or distracted, and the Spirit which has entered into their body in life on earth leaves the body empty because it cannot attempt, in its own way, to remain to be part of life.

You have many reasons for what you call illness, but illness is not always within itself a hampering or hindering or punishment or a misuse of the spiritual law. Many times, man comes into the body fully prepared to be used by others to experience life, its lacks, or its need to become bettered. So that these are the servers who come forward to let their bodies be used for your scientific and medical experiments. It is indeed important that you understand that you bring with you that which you are willing to experience. Therefore if, within your mind, you have now reached a point in which you do not wish any more to be an experiment, your mind can heal you or another’s mind can heal you, unless it is a karmic debt that you must pay.

Q: When the Spirit leaves the body empty, does it provide a substitute for itself? Does it leave the body during the life of the entity?

E.C.: It can. This is the reason that so many bodies have completely backed out of experiences, leaving the body as simply vegetable matter, with no motivation except to become useless, to be cared for by others—any useless object must be held until it has fulfilled its purpose. The body is still within life as far as the cells are concerned, but the Soul and Spirit at that point have had a parting of the ways where the Spirit leaves and the Soul stays until life is gone. Spirit can come in and go out at will. If it is locked out by accidental closing of the psychic doors—the chakras—the Spirit must seek another entry using someone who has knowledge to help it find an opening, or find one itself. It is the reason that many who have been in coma-like trances return to consciousness ... the Spirit has found an opening or way to enter the body, many times through others’ prayers and pleadings that their loved one be returned to normal.

In the case of a Spirit that does not wish to be part of a body which it does not understand, or a culture or civilization which it finds less than perfect or less than what it expected to find, the body is left inactivated and in many cases becomes that which is placed in institutions with no ability to return to normalcy. In some cases and times, which is quite sad, the leaving of a Spirit opens the door to negative forms or entities of negativity. The body is reactivated, but by demonic forces, and that personality still within an institution is hopelessly trapped—unless someone knows the way to return the Spirit back to the body or there is some form of Spirit being who is reliable and willing to enter the body when the entity is taken out. This in your time is known in your churches as exorcism, and in its way is a truly spiritual act of good, if a Spirit is returned that will take the body and clean and clear it and reactivate it to accomplish a spiritual purpose.

Los Angeles, CA