Dr. Wilton: A Counselor for Edgar Cayce

I am one of the guiding sources of the man, the instrument known as Edgar Cayce. I am a Master form and was his counselor on certain levels. I will share with you some insight into the  work of Master Forms and others like us.

I ask you at this time to differentiate between Edgar Cayce, the man, and that which he represented on another level as Spirit’s instrument. Spirit must work through humans in order to accomplish the plan on Earth. Edgar Cayce was far more than a human being attempting, in his simple way, to place truths before those who sought him out.

There have been, throughout the ages, ones such as he who have come forward from many schools of healing. These schools, be they upon this planet or elsewhere in the universe, offer healing which comes forth from a wisdom pool much greater than most of you understand.

Perhaps you are aware that what manifests upon Earth has already manifested within the higher dimensions. There are, within these higher dimensions, or planes, 144 schools. The Spirit behind Edgar Cayce represented but one of those schools of thought. There is to be upon Earth, as history unfolds, a physical embodiment of those 144 schools; you will begin to see this in your own country and elsewhere on your planet.

Humanity is moving toward the time when it will be able to draw upon a reservoir of knowledge which had been accessible only to a few. In the period ahead, you will have the ability to replace limbs and organs and to reconstitute the physical body, but you will first need to know how to revise attitudes and emotions, and to bring the etheric body into balance, into harmony and perfection, before that can be accomplished. And we see these many schools, these many temples, working to that common end: to bring about what is necessary for humans to rehabilitate their physical, emotional, and other bodies.

Edgar Cayce represented and channeled a ray of the one known as Asclepius, the Greek god of healing, which came forward from the Christ Consciousness to bring about that which is needed upon Earth to enable humanity to become masters of their own destiny. In this time, Edgar Cayce is present within numerous schools of thought and many who are in the healing arts, having the ability to express and, at times, manifest through various beings at the same time.

Spiritual healing will become commonplace within the lives of most of you. This may not seem possible at this moment. Yet I ask you, look back just a few short years: have not humans gained more control of their bodies, physical and otherwise? Today there are many working within the field of spiritual healing and the numbers will continue to increase until many more have this ability.

The work of Edgar Cayce: this man, this  Spirit, this force field—this level of Christ Consciousness—will expand beyond the understanding of humanity today. It is in its infancy, but when the time is right, it will become part of the consciousness of the multitudes.

During the time that Edgar Cayce was embodied upon Earth, he had, within his spiritual energy field, Master Teachers numbering 12 times 12;  that is proper for Master Forms. With humbleness, we are grateful to be part of this vast healing expansion upon Earth.


Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA