Eternal Cosmos (E.C.)

E.C.: Cancer is a bane and scourge of countless people. It has been a part of Earth from the Earth’s beginning, but not always as a concrete, living entity. Cancer can be a destroyer or can cause destruction of any kind. It can be part of a total process. It can be part of a physical process. It can—perhaps surprisingly to you—be part of a spiritual process as well. It is destructive in any shape or form, but it also can, in its own particular fashion, be useful, since there are those who must experience destruction before they can rebuild. If one is able to see it in this light, the rebuilding can be regarded as much more important than the destruction.

Let us use, as an example, a healthy physical body which develops, according to your medical, scientific tests, a cancer. A cancer is an end result which starts with an imbalance of either physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual processes. The physical body, the mind, the emotional body, and the spiritual body, through an imbalance, can cause a cancerous growth. If you stop and think, you realize that if all four of these processes are balanced, there is perfection—is that not true? However, if one portion is out of balance, eventually the other three also become out of balance because of a lack of perfection.

Many times there have been those who, through positive, perfect thinking, have actually had a miracle cure. Actually in such a case, perfection returned to that particular entity. If you will realize that this particular process—of positive, perfect thinking—can be used medically, spiritually, or in any way you wish, you will be able to eventually conquer cancer.

The point is that in your particular level of understanding, you have not found that which is the perfect balance. The balance involves a combination of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual factors—until you have found that which creates healing in the physical body.

Scientists are approaching a point where, by measuring and examining a perfect body, they are able to understand what makes up the perfect body. They are about to discover what the body requires to make the metabolism correct. But the scientist and the medical person do not realize that achieving only physical perfection is not sufficient for healing. Healing requires all four areas. As long as the mind and the emotional body refuse to accept certain facts and are completely against what is told them from the physical standpoint, or as long as there is a spiritual distrust of that which has brought that physical vehicle to imbalance—until that time when all four combine into one perfect whole—there will not be a cure.

Q.: In other words, the cancer cure does not just depend on the physical level. It depends on balance in the spiritual, mental, and emotional levels as well.

E.C.: Yes. And this has been proven many times, but these aspects are not brought into balance because each is fighting the other. The spiritual healer may not admit that the physical healer, the medical person, and the scientist each has a necessary part to make the perfect whole.

Q.: Naturally, the psychiatrist would treat the emotional level, and New Thought groups, who are often on the mental side, would focus on the mental level. Each one feels their approach is the best, and it is natural, especially when they are in a certain line of work, that they would do so. I feel as long as the medical profession still uses drugs, which it always will, some will be helped and others not.

E.C.: If you search through the records of ancient times, you will find that many of those drugs which are used today were used before, under a different guise and different names. Drugs have their purpose and they have their value, unless they are used in excess. There is nothing new under the sun. All of the processes and procedures used today have been used before in some form or another, and when these drugs are used in conjunction with the other three sources of healing—emotional, mental, and spiritual—they will return to having their original value.

Q.: In some cases, does this imbalance come from some thought, word, or action in former lives?

E.C.: Yes. Even though its source is from another lifetime, the cancer is still an imbalance in this lifetime. It is still that which the physical body has somewhere within itself, and either the body destroys it this lifetime—through some method of proper destruction, proper knowledge, and proper approach—or it is not destroyed and continues to carry over to the next lifetime.