World of Wisdom


The Fellowship’s metaphysical research over the past fifty years has revealed knowledge and ancient Wisdoms not found elsewhere, or at least not with the perspective from which our Sources have brought them forth. This material is a treasure-house of knowledge on metaphysical and what we call "outer-space" subjects for your learning and edification. The links below will take you to specific Wisdoms material, most of which emanated directly from beyond everyday dimensions.

Our World


Personal Guidance

Spirit Responds to Catastrophe
Good and Evil
Abraham Lincoln
A Discourse from Peter, a Disciple of Jesus Christ
Galileo Speaks on the Power of Mind
From A Member of the Karmic Board
Faith in Your Future
Judgment and the Middle East Conflict
Prophecy Announcing the Birth of a Christed Being
Archangel Michael Speaks on World Events
A Visitor From Outer Space Speaks
Pontius Pilate
Intermarriage of the Races
A Priest From a Chamber in the Great Pyramid
Your Responsibility to Yourself and Others
Thomas Jefferson - God Has Given America to be Free
An Unidentified Being From Outer Space
The Female Role in History
Winning Lotteries–Karma, Dharma, or Luck?
The Parallel between Atlantis and
the United States Vulcan
Your Purpose for Being on Planet Earth
A Priest From the Past
Awakenings in the New World
Life and Existence on a New Earth
Fulfilling Our Individual and Planetary Destiny
Member of the White Brotherhood of Light
Is There Life in the Center of Our Earth?
The Spirit of the Earth
Dual Polarity
Mohammed, A Prophet
The Human Condition
Timely Messages from EC, Archangel Michael,
Wayne Guthrie


Purpose of Life on this Planet
Fulfilling Your Karmic Objectives
The Hidden Side of Fellowship Classes
Sexuality and Spirituality
Scope and Purpose of the Fellowship
A Discourse on Lack and Limitation
How My Channeling Work Began
The Soul, The Akashic Record & The Book of Life
A Discourse by St. Teresa of the Roses
An Easter Message (2010)
Is There Religion After Death?
My Transition Into Spirit: A Voice from the Other Side
Life Patterns and Transition
So You Want to be a Channel?
Man and Woman as God Instruments
Fulfilling Your Life Purpose
Transition From Death to Life
Origin and Knowledge of the Tibetans
Oracles of Delphi
The Creative Law of Balancing Oneself
Why You Cannot Be Someone From the Past
One Truth
Escaping into Higher Dimensions
A God Source Speaking Through the Dalai Lama
Transition and Transformation
Your Destiny According to the Akashic Records
What Are We Here For?
The Road of Life
Rebellion of Youth Toward Parents and Elders
Human and Outer Spacial Love
The Continuity of Life
Is Your Life Worth Living?
Transformation, An Excerpt
Is Abandonment Punishment or Freedom?
Do You Want to Be An Explorer of Consciousness?
What is Your Purpose for Being on Planet Earth?
Is the World Falling Apart?
Warnings from Atlantis
The Light Can Heal or Destroy
Are Machines Taking Over Our Minds?
White Eagle
The Female Role in History, Part 1
The Female Role in History, Part 2
Is My Karma Also My Dharma?
Timely Messages


Angel of Death
Why Are We Here?
Answers Are within You
Brugh Joy Wisdom
Teamwork & the Law of Cooperation
Overcoming Lack and Limitation
Instantaneous Revisioning
Instantaneous Revisioning...Revisited
Spiritual Guidance
The Transition Process
 The Importance of Dreams
 Visualizing to Transform Yourself
Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension
Faith With - Bishop Pike
The Role of Your Teaching Band in Your
Spiritual Development

Belief and Free Will
Movement Towards the Higher Dimensions
Words of Encouragement in Changing Times
The Importance of Diet
Terra (Earth)
You Are Not Alone
Spiritual Guidance to Achieve Your Highest Potential
A Message of Faith, Hope, and Love
A Balanced Approach to Wealth and Poverty
What is Meant by Working in the Light
Importance of Discriminating When Receiving
Spiritual Guidance

I Don't Believe in God
Awakening Yourself to a Higher Purpose
Dream and Thought Travel
Earning or Spurning Your Own Wisdom
What's Doing You?
The Bella Karish Story:
“I Lost My Voice to Find My Voice”

Activating Your Purpose
Teamwork and the Law of Cooperation
We Are Sound, Color -- Vibration!
Am I a Psychic?
What Happens after Death?
Visualizing to Transform Yourself 1
A Lesson Learned about Body Consciousness