Angel of Death

John Sargent: This is a subject which might be difficult for some of you to hear, and yet is very important.

The Consciousness of one known as the Angel of Death, or the Grim Reaper, enters from an ancient School of Thought, a higher level of Beingness, and there is merit to what he wishes to place before you. Listen carefully and then analyze what you receive.

Angel of Death: As the Angel of Death, I do not wish to frighten anyone. In fact, I do not wish to upset any of you, although it is not often that one of my messages is placed directly before you: truths that you as human beings often do not wish to entertain because you have been conditioned, by those who have taught you, not to entertain or to give credence to that which is not of life itself.

If you are to be whole beings, you must understand that birth and death are two aspects to living upon this planet. There is birth, which is carefully planned, chosen, and orchestrated. The other side is that experience and expression which is the reverse—the removal of the essence of Life from the earthly body. Life and death are both parts of a process that’s as normal as the rising of the sun in the morning and its setting in the evening. Or the rising and the setting of the moon.

Physically, each human being enters and leaves in exactly the same fashion. You enter stripped of all accouterments, and when you leave, nothing physical goes with you. Only that which has grown and matured in present and prior lifetimes in the finer bodies moves outward and onward into finer and greater experiences.

Once you can entertain this closing aspect of life and its continuity, there need be no fear and no anxiety. Your responsibilities are seen simply as living and serving your Creator in the pattern for which you were brought forth: to share your life with others, to help others, to befriend others, and to know you have done your very best—and then be ready for the transition from one dimension to another. In that sense, my friends, there is no death but rather life and rebirth, and rebirth and rebirth, until all you have contracted for within the schoolhouse known as Earth has been completed.

The measure of your experience, your expression, is the manner in which you have lived and expanded your energy. Have you assisted the world? Have you assisted your fellow human beings? Have you contributed to making a better world, making life easier for others? If you have, then you have fulfilled your promise to your Creator, and if you haven’t, you will have the opportunity once again to master that experience.

Go forth into the avenues and teach and help others understand these issues of life and death which need to be looked at, need to be taught and not placed aside. Each of you is blessed with a very special way to do that. Remember this at all times and go forth and do what is yours and yours alone to do.

I bless you each one.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie

Los Angeles, CA