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With grateful Hearts, we hold and energize the vision of a healthy Earth with pristine air, lands, and waters; with peaceful, joyous peoples -fulfilled, self-empowered, loving and grateful - who live in an abundance of vibrant health, happiness, prosperity, and all good things, and who hold and energize an ever-evolving higher spiritual vision.

Mantra Prayer of Protection

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Clearing the way to your Higher Consciousness.


Mantras and Prayers are sounds or words with Divine Power, capable of raising your consciousness and vibration to the level of the Divine Source of all knowledge, wisdom, and love.
The Mantra Prayer of Protection was given to the Fellowship of Universal Guidance by Spirit Teachers when it became evident there were evil - not just negative - entities and energies affecting humanity and Planet Earth.


The Mantra Prayer may be used to protect and heal you, your family, your pets, your friends, and other individuals or groups, as well as situations, such as relationships or employment concerns, and even objects, such as your home or car. To include a particular person, situation, or object, simply name it in the Mantra Prayer as that which you desire to be protected or healed.

In using this prayer, you become aware that you don't need to accept anything you don't want, anything that is not yours. Whatever you don't want or is not yours is sealed in its own Light and returned to its source of emanation, within God's Will and for your highest good.

This Mantra Prayer of Protection, used alone or in conjunction with any prayer you choose and repeated at least once every morning and evening, or as many times daily as it seems needed, will provide you with an important and effective form of protection.

The triple electromagnetic shield of Universal White Christ Light, when it is present and remains intact, repels negative evil energies. However, if you allow energies such as hate, fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, envy, frustration, greed, or lust to arise within you, they will allow that shield to be penetrated, opening you again to negative evil energies. Should the shield of Light be penetrated, you will need to repeat the Mantra Prayer to remove any negative evil that may have entered, return it to its source, and then reestablish once again the triple electromagnetic shield of the Universal White Christ Light.


The following interpretation of the Mantra Prayer will enable you to understand its meaning more fully.

Father-Mother God

The word God is one of many ways to identify the Creator. "Father-Mother" acknowledges that God embodies both the Masculine and Feminine aspects or principles of the Creator.

I ask that I be cleared and cleansed within the Universal White Christ Light

"Universal White Christ Light" describes the pure Light of the Creator and is an energy that can be used to clear and cleanse your entire Self of anything at all that may need clearing or cleansing. (Christ is Light - not a person. Many great teachers, such as Jesus, Moses, and Buddha, have been Christed Beings. The word "Christ," which embraces all religions, is optional, however, and you may, if you wish, use alternate words, such as "Universal White Light of the Creator.")

The Green Healing Light

In many healing traditions, Green - the color of the Heart Chakra - represents the healing power of Nature. Green Light is believed to produce regeneration and healing.

The Purple Transmuting Flame

Purple, the color associated with the Pituitary Chakra (the so-called Third Eye), represents heightened Spirituality. Purple can be used to transmute negative evil into positive good. Activating the Purple Transmuting Flame blends the energy of the High Self with that of the Subconscious to restore balance to the Subconscious by burning out all dross and unwanted energies.

Within God's Will and for my highest good

You, when you pray, are simply used as an instrument in transmuting a challenging situation into that which is good. As an instrument of Light, you should always, in every situation, ask for God's Will to be done and that the highest good of all concerned be allowed to manifest.

In using the Mantra Prayer to assist others, you should remember that help cannot be imposed on anyone. Prayer can only assist others to achieve what is karmically right for them - and the awareness of what is karmically right is always known to the other person's High Self.

I ask that any and all negative evil energies be completely sealed in their own Light, encapsulated within the Ultraviolet Light, cut off and removed from me.

Any negative evil energies that may be present within yourself and/or others are first sealed in their own Light and then encapsulated in Ultraviolet Light (a very high level of Light that can capture and hold anything negative). Then they are cut off from you and removed.

Negative evil energies can include not only your own thoughts and feelings - those you have created and energized yourself - such as hate, fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, envy, frustration, greed, and/or lust - but also any such thoughts or feelings you may have sent to others. In addition, they include energies created by those who attack you to harm or hurt you, which are likewise returned in their own Light to their source of emanation.

Impersonally, with neither love nor hate, I return all negative evil energies to their source of emanation, decreeing that they never again be allowed to reestablish themselves within me or anyone else in any form.

In the impersonal action of the Mantra Prayer, the words with neither love nor hate mean "without judgment," specifying that you are unattached to the energies you are returning. You neither love nor hate them, since either of those feelings would involve attachment to them and prohibit their being fully released. Thus the sealed and encapsulated negative evil energies - which do not belong to you, which you do not want, and which are not yours - are fully returned to their source of emanation. You also decree that they shall never be allowed to return to you or to anyone else.

I now ask that I be placed within a triple electromagnetic shield of the Universal White Christ Light of Protection and for this blessing, I give thanks. Amen.

After you are freed from energies that are not yours and that you do not want, you surround yourself with an electromagnetic shield of the Universal White Christ Light of Protection to prevent the return of any negative evil energies. Your expression of gratitude to the Creator for the wonderful help and blessing of protection is an appropriate and satisfying way to close your Mantra Prayer.

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