What's New / What's Here

  • Prayers
  • The Fellowship offers beautiful and effective prayers. Please notice "The Mantra Prayer of Protection," an extremely potent and effective form of help and protection which can establish and maintain your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance, and make your way easier. All of the Circle of Light Prayers and the scripts are here also.

  • Wisdoms
  • The Fellowship offers wisdoms on Prayers, Healing, Three Selves, Our World, Personal Guidance, and other subjects. These wisdoms give insight into the subjects and may reveal blocks you have in these areas that are preventing your heightening.

  • Three Selves Teaching
  • The purpose of this teaching is to empower yourself and others through an awareness and blending of your three levels of consciousness- your Subconscious, Conscious, and High Selves - to complete your karmic/dharmic plan and increase the Light of your Soul.

  • History
  • This explains who and what the Fellowship is, what it represents, the reasons for its being, and the people who founded it.