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November 2018 Edition:"INSIGHT OUT" by William Miller, D.D., President

"You have no idea of the effectiveness of your work. For those of you who spend your time in prayer,
it is an endeavor that is reaching far and wide. It is through prayer and Light that the Plan of Light
shall be realized within your lifetime." Eternal Cosmos

Circle of Light Prayer Group Every Wednesday Evening 5:00-5:45 P.M.:
Join with us in prayer during the Fellowship Circle of Light, which has been a regular focus of the Fellowship for the past forty years. Everyone is welcome to participate by attuning to our collective group energy from wherever you are to pray for self, family, friends, and the world. Your attunement to this prayer group action intensifies the Light that is generated, transmuting negative evil, and heightens the energies to bring balance and blessings to your life and the planet.

World Prayer Bulletin for November #507: We invite you to align yourself with the possibilities of world-service by attuning your prayer-consciousness to ours. One useful method is to use the suggestions in our latest Prayer Bulletin. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to apply multiple high-minded, forward-looking perspectives to your own life and to the concerns of the world.

Also, please take a look at our Prayer Request page, which is your opportunity to write out a prayer—which may deal with any need, difficulty, or problem at all—then submit it directly and immediately via the Internet to the Fellowship.

We are grateful for your loving support of the Fellowship's work.