Transition and Transformation

A Female Spirit

I come to you from the fifth dimension, which is my home and my place of service. My work has been, for some time now, to assist many when it is necessary for them to be released from the physical shell. I wish to explain to you some of what is involved in this truly wonderful experience.

As many of you know and have read, oftentimes the consciousness has actually been able to glimpse a scene or two from beyond the veil. It is given to one as it is earned to witness these things. To you, perhaps, what you call death marks the ending of a life experience — which has to it a finality that few understand or care to understand. But, I say to you this: that it is simply the ending of one phase of one=s existence and the beginning of another. It is beyond the conception of most human minds to envision what occurs during this state, and yet it is something of vital importance to each one as he or she prepares to make the journey into another plane.

As you may know, while inhabiting the physical shell, each one of you is attended by many from the spirit side of life. Some of the spirit beings work with you and plan to aid you in any of the necessary preparations that will take place throughout your life and at its end, and other spirit beings attach themselves to you and your energetic fields for other many and varied reasons while you are still embodied.

We in spirit are given advance notice when a person is to make the departure to our side. It is done in accordance with Universal Law and strict adherence to organization and responsibility, with many assisting those in charge. It is necessary, when we are notified of a given departure, to contact one or more who were in the physical body in close association with the one who is to be released. During the departure, as the divinity within separates from the hulk of the physical body, it is helpful, if possible, that one who has gone on before and has had close association be allowed to return to soften the shock of the experience for the one departing life. This is done, of course, in accordance with the plan that has been set into motion well in advance of the termination.

In cases of illness or accidents, there are many from our side who stand in readiness and assist to prepare the finer body to that degree which is possible and feasible before its separation from the human shell. Should there be those among you who are not aware of the etheric counterpart, which is perfect and identical in every respect to the physical body, it is this higher body that must be conditioned for the transition. It is necessary to prepare it for this. Therefore, much attention is given to bringing this body to the highest state of perfection before the release is complete, for it means that once the entity has arrived on the other side, the period necessary for recovering is lessened if advance preparation is accomplished.

We are concerned, of course, not with the physical body, for we realize, as must you, that it is only a vehicle that is to be shed in order for it to return from whence it came. The physical body, which seems to the human to be the most important part of the All That Is, is the least important in the world of Spirit.

You will be interested to know that there are hosts of helpers from our side who are eager and willing to assist, not because that task has been assigned to them but because of the great love that they allow to flow in and through themselves.

It is said that only the Father knows the exact timing of anyone=s departure, and this is true, for even though we know in advance of the work to be done, we do not know the exact timing — for even we are held in awe at the many wonderful things that occur in creation.

As the spirit is released through the severing of the cord, it embarks upon a course of preparation in order to conform to certain laws which govern the procedure. The entity steps forward out of the denser body, oftentimes in shock and amazement and incomplete understanding of what is occurring, even though within the higher consciousness there is complete knowledge concerning what is occurring. Depending on the level of awareness, one might make the transition smoothly and be fully conscious and able to comprehend that which occurs, but, in most cases, the shock is so great that one reacts as if in a daze and awakens to find oneself on the other side and in another dimension, not recalling that moment of exact release. It is difficult for some to understand that beyond the dimension of the physical plane of existence, there are many other dimensions.

It has been my experience to be taken into higher planes than my own, and oftentimes for lengthy periods of time, but until such a time as my work here is completed, I will remain at my post.

As an entity steps out and into another phase, it must be assisted and guided and carefully indoctrinated in the least possible time. In each case, it is one=s Master Teacher who is in complete charge until such a time as the transition has been completed. At that time the Master Teacher might or might not step out of the vibration, depending upon what is ahead for it. Understand that as we help others, we ourselves grow in light and in stature, and the one whose privilege it is to serve in that capacity of mastership has too, at that point, made a transition. As the entity who left life succeeded in its earthly mission, so have those spirit beings who served it faithfully through its tenure on Earth.

After transition, in some instances it is necessary for the new-born [into this new dimension]  entity to be taken into an area which will allow it that time and assistance to recover from the shock, for the etheric counter-body must be healed before anything can be accomplished toward further perfection. This recuperative period varies in accordance with the entity=s ability to rebound or bounce back to the normal state.

We have in our recovery areas those who stay just a short time, perhaps hours as measured by your time, and others who require days upon days and years upon years to gain recovery. One is allowed to rest as long as one wishes before being subjected to anything else. As one recovers, it is then necessary that one be taken back through what is commonly referred to as the River of Life, where the entity comes face to face with its existence in the physical body, from the beginning to the end of its life, and is shown even the tiniest detail of that experience in the human world. It is necessary that one first face oneself before one can go into the schools of higher learning. Oftentimes, it is necessary to repeat this experience so that every detail becomes firmly cemented into the consciousness of the entity, for it is at this time that the guilt or the release of guilt plays an important part in what lies ahead.

Although as an entity walks through this River, those experiences that have been put in proper focus during the physical life are placed in the past and are no longer part of the consciousness of the entity, it is a strong feeling of hate and of love that causes the difficulty at this point. Should there be a circumstance which the entity cannot place into its proper position, it then becomes part of the consciousness and is taken into the classroom. If during this period of time in the classroom, one refuses to release, to understand, that which has occurred, one has placed oneself into a position of not learning from this experience and having to repeat it in some form.

You must understand that each thought that you have and each act that you commit becomes a part of your permanent record. It is true that there are those whose sole responsibility it is to record your every act and deed, and as you pass through this river of experience, all that you have been responsible for comes back to you. If the human could understand this, humans would live in a far different world.

Oftentimes, there are great celebrations when one is returned to the other side of life, for, remember, that as your friends gather by the shore to welcome you, it is like a great homecoming for you. Understand that it is truly a coming home experience, for that which you endure in your present state is but a side journey, a trip, an experience to a foreign land, and it is good at all times to return home to the company of those whose love is great and beyond that which the human is capable of understanding.

After the feasting and the joy is over, then the plan unfolds at the pace one sets, for there is then to be a conference with those responsible for the guidance and the direction of this entity while on this past human sojourn. The physical experience is discussed, much as you would discuss the pros and cons of some topic around a conference table, with a review of the purpose and the mission in fine detail.

You should know that around the conference table will be seated those task masters that have followed the career of each one and whose responsibility it is to offer constructive knowledge, if it be needed. Each facet of one=s beingness is discussed openly in sessions that require oftentimes great periods of time in order to conclude and to come to the point of decision as to what was learned and what remains unlearned. It is estimated that the average period of time necessary to review a lifetime is that period of time most nearly comparable to your measurement of a quarter of a year. It is difficult, of course, to give you an exact time, for we have no comparable measurement and no need to measure time, for time has no place as there is only the future that lies ahead.

If an entity refuses to listen and to understand what those responsible for its guidance share with it, it is not forced against its will to do so, but at this point is allowed to gravitate to that which it has earned. If at that time, through its own free will, it desires to return to the conference table, it is allowed to go and to seek out those with whom it is most comfortable. This is that which you refer to as the celestial realm of heaven.

Know ye not that there are many heavens in the Father=s kingdom, as many heavens as it is possible to imagine. In this realm no one is forced. For those who remain in darkness, that one who is master of darkness comes knocking at the door to regain his property, that which is his. This can be the sorrowful part of our work, for there are many whose light is so small that they must return to the kingdom from whence they came before the cycle began. We must not at any time interfere if one chooses the left-hand path, even though a very important part of work on this plane is to go into the lower regions to aid, comfort, and to give a helping hand to any entity who has responded in any way to the Light.

It is known by each one that the earth plane has entered into a new phase — a cycle that is all important in the progression of the human race — in its drive and desire to become a celestial body in the family of planetary life, with an equal share in the responsibility of such an arrangement. You must know that the hierarchy, whose responsibility it is to maintain constant progress and progression of your planet in accordance with the plan, has determined that in order to accomplish all that is necessary within the span of time allotted, each entity must make more rapid progress and must be returned as quickly as possible and as feasible to another earthly experience, should this be in keeping with the plan. Thus you have those returning today in short periods of time, oftentimes no more than 2 or 3 years between lives for many.
Once they have adjusted and have come to the consciousness of evaluation, having presented themselves before the karmic board, many agree to return almost immediately to aid and assist in yet a new phase. Those who have come to this planet as volunteers are equipped with that which is necessary to understand more readily the weaknesses in the life pattern. They can grasp and understand the value of the constructive planning of the past sojourn and can determine to return once again to an even greater mission, dedicated not to fall into, as they had before, those pitfalls common to all humans.

But for those whose plan of evolution has been only up through Terra, their needed time of recovery and indoctrination is usually more substantial — for the wiser of these, a period of 2 to 3 years and even 30 years, and, in some cases, others are not ready to return for 100 or 200 or more years. It used to be the practice to rest and to relax and to enjoy the in-between for long periods of time before again determining and deciding to take up embodiment in the course and dense plane of the physical being.

And now, to give you a brief picture of life on our plane. You must know that we have all that you have in beauty, for we have no need for that which is not beautiful, and we have here, if we so desire, an abode that we wish for our comfort. It is a plane of immense beauty and spirituality, for one to inhabit this plane one must have realized that all things are possible to one who proclaims for oneself all that is necessary for comfort. For those who desire beautiful music, it is readily available. For those who desire the beauty of flowers, of trees, it too is present, for we have great understanding of the law of supply and need. But there is one requirement that we must learn and abide by and that is that once we have completed the need for a given object or flower, whatever it might be, we must release it back to the source. It is this that is a difficult lesson to overcome, for unless we have shed ourselves of the materialistic approach to the possessing of objects, we will find that the source is not readily available to us in that state of consciousness. Few who walk the Earth today have learned the spiritual laws that will enable them to create what they need, but the principle is the same: that of release when there is no further need. But once you learn that spiritual law and know you are creators in your own right, that which is in keeping with your plan can be yours. Anything can be yours.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Glendale, California