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The Unknown Life of Jesus

Wayne Guthrie D.D. & Bella Karish , D. D.

This book presents new channeled insights by Wayne and Bella, during the inner group of the Mystery School of the Fellowship, into the life of Jesus from the perspectives of Mary, Joseph, Judas, Peter, Pontius Pilate, Caiaphas and Jesus, Himself.


eBook 132 pages

Paperback also available

Messages from our Galactic Emissaries

Wayne Guthrie D.D. & Bella Karish , D. D.

Does life exist on other Planets within our Solar System...or perhaps even beyond? For more than three decades, the Fellowship of Universal Guidance received channeled messages, not only from Spiritual representatives of God, the Creative Source, but also from representatives of other Planets, who are often referred to in our worldwide media as “aliens,” “angels,” or “extraterrestrials.” These messages offer information, warnings, and hope that can be foundational in creating a New Earth.


eBook 319 pages



Portals to Your Higher Consciousness

Wayne Guthrie D.D. & Bella Karish , D. D.

A teaching of unique 500,000 year-old wisdoms from an ancient mystery school inviting you to be an explorer of your Three Levels of Consciousness -- your Conscious, Subconscious and High Selves.

In this transformational process requiring recognizing and releasing problems and blocks (karmic patterns) to our Higher Consciousness, Grace and Miracles appear as we discover and fulfill our life purpose. The blending of the Three Levels of Consciousness fills our lives with Compassion, Love, and Gratitude, increasing the Light of our Souls as we become "gods-in-the-making."

Book, 176 pages


Working With Your Three Selves

Bella Karish, D.D. & William Miller, D.D.
Ten Steps showing you how you can blend and balance your Three Levels of Consciousness --- your Conscious, Subconscious, and High Selves -- in order to achieve the alignment of the human and the God-Self. A perfect way to learn more about applying the Three Selves teaching.

Book, 141 pages

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