Listen To Yourself —Your Subconscious

Also Information about Your Soul and Spirit
Eternal Cosmos

Eternal Cosmos: It is important that each of you contact the male and female parts of your Subconscious and talk to them, for they are very willing to help you with your questions and your needs. That is what they are there for, and that is what the Three Selves teaching is all about.
    It is imperative that you know that you are definitely being guided and directed in a very interesting way for yourself and for the future of your planet Earth. Please carefully express your friendship, your love, and your caring for your Subconscious; for your High Self that observes and watches over you; and for your Teachers and Guides—for each of you has been given many teachers. Each one of you has much to accomplish in the coming years. Do understand that you have been placed into a life plan that is right for you to handle and to bring about the beauty of balance and security within it, not only for yourself but for others.
      To have a true understanding of the Three Selves work, you need to cooperate and coordinate with your Subconscious and become aware that only you can make the work of the Subconscious become fulfilled and fulfilling. Each of you has come in with a definite life plan. Ask what it is you need for yourself and you will find some very interesting answers. And although sometimes you feel you must depend on outside information, be aware of  how important your Subconscious is in giving you the answers that you are seeking in order to fulfill your life plan.
      Please know that prayer does work, but you must coordinate with your Subconscious to work with the prayers. Also ask your Subconscious and the Creative Source to help you with your High Self’s accomplishments to bring about the balance and security that you have come in to  demonstrate, not outside of you but inside of you. If you are ready and willing, your High Self will bring about great and beautiful understanding for the future—but it depends upon you listening to yourself, your Subconscious. That is the message.

Question: I have a question about the Soul. Does the same Soul come forth to inhabit our body each time we re-embody?
EC: Not necessarily. Your Soul is your life, and your Subconscious brings in a Soul along with the memory of what your Subconscious and your Soul need to demonstrate. Your Subconscious maintains and brings about whatever it is your Subconscious and you want in your life plan. Spirit is the activator. Spirit can bring great and unusual help for your Subconscious to fulfill the plan through the Soul living in you. Therefore, as long as your Soul is present—so are you!

Q: If another Soul comes into a body, does it extract the highest aspects of the essence of the experience of the first Soul?
EC: No, another Soul cannot come into a human body already occupied by one; only the  Spirit can come in—and there can be multiple Spirits but not multiple Souls. The Soul is with you for a lifetime in order for the Soul to fulfill the life plan.
        There are people who have seen the Soul leave at the moment that the breath stops in the human being—it definitely is an “essence of life.” The Soul moves out of the human body in a way to begin again in the upper regions, in order to bring about another life plan with a new human and a new Subconscious memory. It does not always come back to the same Subconscious, though it sometimes does, and it has multiple knowledge and multiple personalities always within itself in a Light form.

Q: There have been experiments weighing the body at the time of death, and apparently there is a change of a few ounces as the life leaves the body. Is that the Soul leaving that makes the difference in weight?
EC: Yes, of course. Because the Soul is a very fulfilling and important energy residing within the heart area, when the heart stops at transition, the Soul is the weight that disappears.

Q: So is the Soul connected to the etheric body?
EC: Yes, it is connected with the human body and its etheric body; that is what you require to exist.
        Most people do not realize that the Soul’s purpose is not to help them with their problems but to provide them life. Rather, talk to your Subconscious about your problems and ask it to tell your life force to bring you what is rightful to fulfill your plan. Your Subconscious is your active participation through and from Spirit, so Spirit has to become an active participant within the Soul’s life purpose.

Comment: I was talking to the channel, Bella Karish, about which spiritual aspects are external to, or are within, our bodies. I think we were able to establish that what is within us is the Soul and the Subconscious.
EC: Correct! And the Spirit is outside of you because the Spirit then motivates and activates the human. Plus, the Subconscious uses the Spirit to teach and to learn.

Comment: If the Spirit were within the body, it would limit the Spirit in what it has to do. So the Spirit must be on the outside.
EC: Spirit has many different faces and many different formats, so it operates as a “multiple personality”on the human.

Q: Can Spirit have a number of individuals that it is motivating at the same time?
EC: Absolutely! Spirit is multiple. At another time we will give you a true understanding of the multiplicity of Spirit, for it is very intricate. It does have many other outside areas to motivate, as well as your own. It is not only tied to you. And that is a very interesting factor in your life plan.  

Q: Do any of us really have just one Spirit or do we have many Spirits that motivate us at the same time?
EC: You have one Spirit at a time. Whenever you have a “change of Spirit,” it is definitely part of a new involvement with your life plan. A Spirit changes within the need to activate a new purpose in your life—this is a very intricate and complicated process—while the Soul retains the life allowing the human being to fulfill the plan of the Subconscious Awareness.

Q: What motivates the Spirit to make those changes? Is it the High Self or something else?
EC: It is a far greater involvement than the High Self. It truly is what you could call the superior pattern of your Eternal Grace which comes from the Blessed Creator, who has created life and is still making life purposeful through Spirit, through Soul, and through all the different ways you are active.

Q: Is the Super Consciousness used as well to do that?
EC: The Super Consciousness is like an observer. It is needed to fulfill a Heightened Awareness and is a part of the Cosmic Consciousness.
       It is very important that you recognize that Spirit can be either negative or positive when it enters the human—the Soul never changes but the Spirit can change. Sometimes Spirit becomes involved with a walk-in entity, which could be positive or negative.

Q: Can the Soul be pushed out by negative evil forces?
EC: No, it leaves only when one commits suicide or someone kills the person. When the Soul leaves, life ends.

Q: Can the Subconscious be pushed out?                                                    
EC: No. It steps aside and waits until you are cleansed of whatever is trying to get in. Your body is like your home. When your home is invaded by something dirty or dusty, you use something to clean it. When your body is invaded, you can use the Mantra Prayer of Protection or a similar prayer to cleanse it.

Q: Is this true for the High Self as well?
EC: The High Self is an observer. It only steps in when you have problems and cannot communicate with your Subconscious, which is a  necessary part of its activities, because your Subconscious must  go with you to the High Self to get answers. If your Subconscious is not willing or able to do that, then the High Self steps in.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
                 Glendale, CA