Blending Your Multi-Levels of Consciousness
The Soul, The High Self, The Conscious Self,
The Subconscious (Basic Self)

The soul desires to increase its growth toward the Godhead, towards unification with the highest energy force there is—the Grand Source of all Creation.

One of the fastest ways to grow is through incarnation on the earth plane, with many re-embodiments to experience all phases of life. It is necessary to experience every emotion, positive and negative, of a human being to eventually be able to develop and refine these emotions so that they can become part of the soul’s deepest and highest traits.

Every experience in the soul’s growth becomes embedded into the fiber and fabric of that soul’s being. Each experience is a step, hopefully upward, in the pathway to the highest.

After transition from earth life into the other dimensions, the soul may rest for awhile, or continue to learn in schools in other dimensions, on other planets, other galaxies. If it then feels , after consultation with an oversoul or teacher, that it can learn more through experience on earth, it chooses a High Self to re-incarnate on earth.

The High Self chosen by the soul and its oversoul and/or teachers, is selected for the qualifications the soul needs to develop. It will be, or represent, the characteristics of a being known to the earth plane. This High Self also will have characteristics that it, too, will want to develop to grow into a higher spiritual being. Most likely it will be an androgynous being who may take only one set of characteristics (male or female) for that particular growth period, or it may retain it’s androgynous entity. The High Self, too, wants to develop into a higher, more developed soul, into unification with the higher energy forces. The High Self has its promises and contract to fill, its patterns of growth. The High Self will govern more than one consciousness at a time and take the learning patterns from each being. The High Self chooses the subconscious.

You and your subconscious mind are separate. You work consciously by yourself, your basic self works subconsciously by themself, and you both work together. The basic self and conscious self each have many responsibilities and decisions to make. The basic self has to learn and grow, just as the conscious self has to learn and grow. They both have many subjects to study, many paths to tread, many past lives or experiences to correct or bring into focus. The prime objective of each is to then combine these responsibilities and decisions to make a unified working unit.

The subconscious has recall of all past experiences and may use the good experiences, knowledge, and wisdom to help make life easier for the conscious self and for itself. It also has recall of the events that require more learning in order to overcome or correct obligations which were not fulfilled, or mistakes that were made.

These events are programmed into the karmic pattern and contract for each life. They are set up so all selves and the soul experience what is right for growth. However, the subconscious has free will and can set up blocks against fulfilling this contract, and the conscious self can also set up blocks against the lessons necessary to learn.

The prime purpose of both the conscious self and the subconscious is to avail themselves of help from the High Self, teachers, and guides to remove all blockages, to handle all events and experiences in the best way possible.

The basic selves and conscious self have to work steadily and diligently to overcome all blockages, to set a mutual path, to learn to love each other, and to work together toward one common goal—unification of all atoms, protons, neutrons, cells, and microcosms into the one macrocosm of perfection.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, California