Spiritual Growth and the Seven Rays

The following is excerpted from the transcript of a workshop presented by Dr. Wayne Guthrie and EC. It includes questions from workshop participants.

Wayne Guthrie: Please give us some general information about the Seven Rays as they as relate to spiritual growth and service to humanity.

Eternal Cosmos: Those humans who are expressing solely within the first three rays have not yet elevated their consciousness into the higher levels. However those on the Third Ray are beginning to reach into their Subconscious, beginning to bring about the fulfillment of their own trinity, making their High Self and Consciousness and Basic Selves parts of that fulfillment.

Then on higher levels, the Fourth Ray relates not only to those expressing within the elemental energies, but to those attempting to rise into the higher levels of the God-self, the Christ Consciousness, while still relating to the human world, to the people around them, as well as to the higher levels of spirituality.

The Fifth Ray not only relates to the material and human world but is involved in blending with other humans through service to them.

The Sixth Ray is the Christ energy, which comes from the Christ Consciousness to fulfill an individual who serves humanity.

Individuals who embody the Seventh Ray are very rare, because the Seventh Ray is the Master Ray, and those who have reached it have become teachers and gurus as part of the Christ Consciousness.

Question: Can your ray change within your lifetime?

WG: Yes. It is a matter of progression. We find in our work that people with questions which pertain primarily to the physical level are functioning on the Fourth Ray. They are still greatly concerned only with the self. They have not yet begun to understand that they have responsibility for their fellow humans. As they succeed in mastering the Fourth Ray and its service to self and they put their own life into order, they then begin to reach out and develop an interest in humanity, thus moving into the Fifth Ray. Most of the people who come to us at the Fellowship have been guided here from Spirit through the instrumentality of their own High Self and their Subconscious Awareness, and they are on the Fifth Ray or Sixth Ray. Very few are actually involved with the Three Selves work who are still on the Fourth Ray. Most are on the Fifth Ray, and some are moving toward the Sixth Ray. Rarely, however, have we found anyone who, in this embodiment, has attained the Seventh Ray.

EC: Most who have come into a Mystery School such as this Fellowship do so because they have been spiritually brought forth to help change the world. Every single one who prays and sends Light helps to change the world. All of you have demonstrated this. All of you on some occasion during this lifetime have, through your spiritual acceptance and your prayers, changed something, not only in your own life, but in the lives of people around you.

Others—who come to the Fellowship simply to have their fortune told or to know whether they are going to succeed in the stock market, horse racing, or the lottery—get only what they want on the material level and very seldom move seriously into the Three Selves work. They are not ready for it. All they want is to have their fortune told, and they get what they ask for, and they don’t move into the higher rays, the higher levels—not yet. But by entering simply to get their fortune told, they may eventually become intrigued enough to move a step higher. We have counseled people who asked whether they are going to win or lose money, but the next time they come to us, they don’t want those questions answered. Instead, they want to know where they are going spiritually.

Q: Why are so few people on the Seventh Ray?

WG: Because the Seventh Ray is the Master Ray. We are all working for it, but most individuals have not succeeded yet.

EC: Please ask yourselves this question: how many of you consider that you have become, or are in the same ray as, Jesus or any other Master Teacher—such as Mohammed, Buddha, or Krishna—which is the Seventh Ray? How many of you feel you have reached that point?

WG: Many individuals do reach the Seventh Ray while in a physical body, but they are individuals who are willing to make a total commitment to Spirit—in the true and full sense of that word total. These are individuals such as Mahatma Gandhi or Edgar Cayce, who dedicated their whole lives to the work of Spirit.

EC: Let us compare a possible Seventh Ray situation with that of the Disciples. If all of you suddenly decided you wanted to be Disciples, dedicating your lives to Spirit and moving out into the world for the betterment of humanity, you would at that point need to release your attachment to possessions. But because most of you, like most humans, came in locked into karmic patterns—which means you made a contract to finish what you previously failed to finish while in a human body, in the material world—you could not become Disciples ... until you had fulfilled that karmic pattern as human beings. However, you still can reach for the Christ Principle, the Christ Consciousness, and as a Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth Ray person help transform yourselves and the planet.

(EC Workshop 6-20-69)
Los Angeles, CA