The Fellowship’s Three Selves Teaching
Eternal Cosmos

The Fellowship founders, Dr. Wayne Guthrie and Dr. Bella Karish, worked together in past lives many thousands of years ago during which the Three Selves approach to the Field of Consciousness was brought forth through them. They had re-embodied several times over many thousands of years to complete the Three Selves work. However, they were not to be bound together; they were to work together in a partnership. In every previous embodiment that partnership was broken by one or the other who desired a different kind of lifestyle, stopping the action of that which they had come to teach over and over again. Dr. Guthrie and Dr. Karish did not conclude their work with the Three Selves until this lifetime.

The Three Selves work involves the blending of an individual’s three levels of consciousness: the Subconscious, the Conscious, and the High Self. In past lives during the time of Abraham, Dr. Guthrie and Dr. Karish were part of the high priests who brought about the balancing of the Subconscious so that it could be useful to humanity within its blending with the Consciousness and High Self. It is Cabalistic knowledge, deeper than any known at this time, that enters into every aspect of human life in which all things are known. Once you have learned to balance your Three Selves within your particular life plan, you will find yourself able to be in charge of any action with full accord because your Subconscious and your High Self will be in agreement.

The Three Selves approach is not for everyone. Many will reject it again, just as they rejected it in past incarnations. But most of those who are drawn to the Fellowship are involved with a higher spiritual knowledge and law, which will be a foundation for a spiritual government.

Within the Three Selves approach using Light and prayer, you may choose to set yourself aside and dedicate yourself to the cause of balance and security for the future of your planet. The Three Selves approach is part of another dimension as well in which the gods have entered, placed themselves on Earth, and become part of what you call Christed ones in order to bring truth and knowledge to humankind. It is part of the same plan, and yet within each person there is a definite plan that is one’s own. The Fellowship founders have brought forth the Three Selves approach because humans are ready for it. They have not been before.

Remember that each of you comes into life with a different approach to your gifts and talents. If you try to emulate someone else—perhaps with jealousy and envy—and cannot succeed, then you feel cheated, immediately formulating within yourself acids which eat away at your emotions.
If each one of you would remember that you have come into life with your own gifts, your own ideals, your own way of promoting them, and see yourself as balanced and perfected in the envisioning of your own lifestyle, it would make a great difference within all of humanity. You would not have the threat of war, battle, death, destruction; you would have constant peace, realizing that each of you is in the right place at the right time.

Blending Your Multi-Levels of Consciousness
Eternal Cosmos

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