Free Will—Choice of the Subconscious to Live or Leave

Dr. Bella Karish

In our Three Selves Evaluation work, we have many different approaches to help those who come to us through our Spirit Teachers and Guides.

For the people who seek our help and are not always ready to believe that they have Spirit helping them, it takes a while to accept that certain Spirit Teachers—like Eternal Cosmos (E.C.) and the beautiful Spirit of Edgar Cayce—are helping them. If they listen, these Spirit Teachers and Guides will assist them in understanding why they are here on the planet. Of course, many are not happily here, and too many are running away from life for one reason or another.

Our explanation to those who will listen is that the individual’s Subconscious memory bank holds the memory of all of his or her lifetimes going back hundreds, thousands, even millions of years. So when the infant is conceived, it is the male and female Basic Selves—the infant’s Subconscious—who have already selected the parents of the infant for the parents’ strengths and weaknesses, allowing the child to work through its chosen lessons. The Basic Selves have then met with the child’s High Self to decide if they, as the individual’s Subconscious, want to work off karma from previous lifetimes or come in with the dharma of certain gifts and talents to help someone  else complete their karma or unfinished business.
However, the High Self is very lenient, and if the male Basic Self is told he must learn certain lessons through being born in a female body and he doesn’t want to be a female follower instead of a male leader, the choice of staying in life is up to him. The High Self advises that if he would try life as a female human while still retaining his male strengths, he may, if he cannot handle it, leave life at the prenatal period in a stillbirth, or at another point during this lifetime, and he will not be considered to be in error or sinning during this experiment within this particular lifetime.

According to this belief as taught in our schoolhouse, abortion is not caused by anyone except the infant under the influence of the Subconscious male and/or female Basic Selves saying they, he, or she, do not want to live. They then influence the act of the fetus to escape from life.

So, in our work, we realize that the human is only the instrument through which the Basic Selves—the Subconscious—activate and motivate a life plan for the human to stay or leave. Each Subconscious has free will, free choice.

However, even during the life experience, the Basic Selves continue to make choices, and if either the male and/or the female decide they’ve had enough of living in a physical body, they may use any method to escape—drugs, alcohol, suicide, accidents, etc. Before entering life, the Basic Selves know they have been given the right of free will to influence the human—their instrument—to accept their desires and wishes. However, if the Basic Selves tell the High Self that they will work out the problems  by taking on certain karma, and then quit mid-stream, they must return over and over again until they have fulfilled the karma.

Thus it is important for therapists, counselors, teachers, and guides to be specially trained to reach not just the human mind, but the Subconscious—the Basic Selves—and today there are many, many techniques to do just that.

Luke said, “Physician, heal thyself,” and we in our work have the Basic Selves speak to their human instrument through us. Many times just this personal contact with oneself can help both the human and the Basic Selves to not only coordinate, but to cooperate and communicate with each other. This communication alleviates guilt and self-punishment for not understanding the purpose that all selves need to work together for their greatest good.

Channel: Dr. Bella Karish
              Los Angeles, California