Cultivating Proper Attitude Toward Your Subconscious Mind


The Subconscious Mind contains your karmic contract and brings forth what you have chosen to change from past lives. Errors, unfulfilled promises, incomplete service to others—these are some of the reasons you are on this planet, in this form, at this time. You might think of it as going back to school.

The Subconscious can be a wise or childlike being. The errors from past lives may indeed be difficult to overcome. You are like a student in the schoolhouse: you completed the subjects you enjoyed and moved on. But there are subjects you did not like or understand and, having failed to complete them, you are taking them again in this lifetime.

However, along with the errors or failures, the Subconscious also brings forward the good karma you have earned, and this can make it less difficult to complete the necessary life cycle or a life from birth to transition.

Within the Subconscious Awareness there are many forms. There are the very knowing Subconscious Minds and then there are those that bring with them ancient patterns of errors or mistakes. And though these patterns may seem unrelated to your life today, they still must be dealt with. But in each instance you must remember that in relating to your inner self, or your Subconscious Mind, you must communicate with it. Like someone you love and dearly wish to help or teach, those within you must have your cooperation in order to give cooperation back to you. If the Subconscious is childlike, you must teach it to grow and mature; if it is wise, it must cooperate with you, because you cannot fulfill your karmic pattern with a Subconscious Mind that feels it is better or wiser than you are if you are unable to harmonize with it.

Exactly as in your human relationships, you must learn to work with, understand, and love your Subconscious. Show it how to overcome errors or mistakes. Your Conscious and Subconscious Minds may then develop into a unified being from within and move upward on the path to unity with your Higher Self.

Often, humans do not know how to overcome the errors in their karmic plans and this brings them guilts and misunderstandings. This is why spiritual teachers are so important. They, along with counselors and ministers, judges and juries, friends and family, can help overcome errors within your karmic pattern. The purpose of all these relationships, most often related to past-life memories on the Subconscious level, is to teach—not punish.

Within the timing of a karmic pattern, at a certain point, all attempts to continue that pattern are defeated. In a marriage, for example, no matter how much you try to make communication work, or how much you attempt to force yourself to love or be involved with a partner who doesn’t respond, you may eventually find that you are hopelessly bogged down and must break that tie.

If, in a time of deciding whether to stay in a relationship, you find that both you and your partner have reached a point where neither is giving the other support, help, love, or understanding, and there is complete dissension within your household—there may be children immersed in angers, hates, and rejections on all levels—you can accept that you have come to a turning point in your life and find that both you and your mate may still retain a relationship.

Some other turning points may occur: upon moving from one city to another, the new environment damages the harmony between two people; employment may change or come to an end; children may leave home and the couple remaining discovers that the partnership is no longer cohesive.

We use these examples to show you that if you are attuned to the spiritual law, you can recognize—impersonally—a point of change or a movement beyond a cycle which has reached its fruition and has ended. Detachment is the key. If this is understood by those who come to points of breakup in business, in families, or in friendships, they can sense that a new cycle has begun and experience exhilaration in starting a new phase that they—without consciously knowing so—have asked for. They find the key and see that the karmic plan is their own. But you must become accustomed to seeing this with impersonal eyes. If you become emotional and retreat into sorrows over a change, you will find that the karma may continue and, in fact, overburden you with guilts and misunderstandings, which you do not need.

Channel: Bella Karish
Los Angeles, California