Change the world through your Light and Prayer.

Because of the tremendous changes now taking place throughout our world, prayer is extremely important. Our spiritual teachers here at the Fellowship of Universal Guidance have told us that one person working within the Light is able to offset one thousand of those working against it. We, therefore, encourage you to create your own Circle of Light prayer service to pray for the world, all others, and yourselves.

As our teachers emphasize, our collective
prayers create an energy of Light which brings balance, security, and right action for all situations needing healing. Each prayer service begins by reciting The Lord's Prayer,
thus setting the proper vibration for the meeting. This is followed by the Fellowship's
Mantra Prayer of Protection and Light Attunement. The World Prayer is then recited followed by praying for any specific personal requests.

The Spiritual Hierarchy is ever ready to assist us and our planet Earth, but according to Spiritual Law, cannot unless we ask for it. We know you will feel great joy and inspiration as you begin to sense directly the collective value and power in your involvement.

World Prayer for Individuals


World Prayer
for Groups

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