Mohammed, A Prophet of Peace, Speaking on the Original Truth of Islam

The reason we have selected this wisdom for publication is because we pray that the consciousness of humanity be raised to accept all religious and ethnic groups without hatred, prejudice or judgment.

I am the prophet Mohammed. I have been summoned by the Elders in Spirit to reach as many as I could possibly contact and explain why it is that the world of Islam is so upset, and why, as a result of this, the entire world is confused and dispersed. At no time in history, recorded and unrecorded, have humans been as insecure as they are at this time.

The many religions have their own idiosyncrasies that make them great to the followers who espouse their causes. Each ideology has its strengths and also its weaknesses — which may emerge ultimately as its Achilles Heel. There is no one religious concept that is superior to another, for all have within them the basis of truth.

Some religious concepts are active and some are passive. The Islamic world for many, many years had been passive, had been taken for granted. Just as within the world of the Christian, some religions eagerly await a Messiah — one who will come from far off and bring the answers to all the problems that each religion and each member confronts. So it is with Islam. They too await a Messiah.

We of spirit are most mindful of what is occurring upon the Earth and how religion is used politically to further the gains and aims of every sect upon the Earth. It is intended, of course, that religion be separate from politics, be that which dominates the relationship of each one and his soul to the Creator.

In the beginning, as there were the many tribes, each tribe had its own prophet, each bringing forth onto the Earth their interpretation of creation, God, and the rules that every person should live by.

The Earth has experienced many religious wars. The greatest, the fiercest of all wars have been those that have had their foundation within religious beliefs. It seems ever so strange to us, as we in spirit gather about and observe what occurs upon the Earth, that each religion through its leaders continues to this day to misunderstand and misinterpret that law — which is the same for all religions — in order to gain supremacy, position over other concepts and over others.

I am particularly concerned about what is occurring as it affects the entire world and am quietly trying to work through the dream state — and in some instances through materialization — in whatever way I can to bring about a change in consciousness of those who hold the world in hostage, for it is not right.

Likewise, there are those upon the Earth, fed by the energy and position of spirit, who likewise seek to cause turmoil among the world’s masses in order to bring about chaos. From the chaos, they intend to enrich themselves by slipping beyond the chaos into the security and comfort of their own sanctuaries in order to plot their further gain from the confusion that exists upon the Earth. These warlords of Atlantis, Lemuria, and other civilizations have returned over and over again repeating old patterns and, as they do, bringing about strange reverberations in the consciousness of the collective.

Pray for my people. Pray for them that they might, in turn, understand that their approach is wrong, that as they approach this matter incorrectly all others likewise act and react, and it must come to a halt. If it doesn’t, the Earth will become embroiled in a religious war that will encompass all nations of the Earth, for in this modern time no longer can a single nation exist untouched. Each nation, from the smallest to the largest, is dependant upon every other nation for something. It is a time to pray for unification. Pray that those things that divide humankind, as superficial as they are, be exposed for what they are, in order to bring about stability for the world.

Many from outside your Earth are watching carefully as the events unfold and have placed into position those who hold great power to bring about stabilization in the areas that are most compromised. Pray for all people that the light that comes to us from a common source be brought into the consciousness of all humankind.

I bless you each one. I return to my source.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, California