(Although Wayne Guthrie and Bella Karish have made the transition into Spirit, these messages are as relevant in 2020 as they were when channeled in1993. We feel impressed by Spirit to share these wisdoms with you in this New Year, 2020)

BELLA: I ask for Truth and only Truth, for the Highest Good of all.
I come forward first as Eternal Cosmos because this is the plan that has brought many of you present into this Work and into this action, and we do appreciate your care, your help, and your love for this work that is very important for the future. We bless you each one and say to you: Be aware, be alert. The wisdom and knowledge that is part of the greater cause will always be present for those who desire it or wish to place it into their own hearts and their own hands.

Because there is much occurring on the Planet presently that is a repeat of the past, human beings are unable in their human bodies and in their human instruments to cope, without the knowledge of what has happened in the past and how it was handled. Many of you find it difficult to relate in a time, a place, and an action in which there is so much fear, so much stress, so many actions that are totally and completely without cause, that harms and hurts physically, mentally, and emotionally those that are a part of it. This time is a time of Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah and goes back into the ancient Egyptian period, the Akkadian period, and into the areas that precedes even those known in your own history.

Despite all humankind has tried to do with prayer and Light within what they believe in, it is difficult for humans to accept that there are those within the world from other dimensions, definitely aliens, who wish to place themselves into the mind and actions of humans so they can control and be involved with their own fulfillment, theirs not yours. Because each one of you is an instrument for that which is the ``inner subconscious selves,'' in areas of the timing of the past, the present, and the future, many are unable in their mental minds to accept that they are not in charge.

Many of you find that omens, catalyzing actions, and various kinds of activity can force you to be involved with activities you do not desire, do not wish, and often accept even though they are very much against your free will. It is because that is part of the plan of the planet Earth that you live on: to live through the past and bring it forward into the future.

Many of you cannot yet accept that you have been placed on the planet that you have chosen, in order to come down to be part of the changes, the transformation, and to definitely bring about hope, help and a future that is better than the past into your particular lives and the lives of others. Too many find it difficult to accept that they are not in charge, that they are only an instrument—only the clothing placed upon that very definite pattern of that which has lived before in some form or another —and that they are in some way part of many different periods of time that repeat and repeat and repeat on the subconscious level.

I enter fully prepared to bring you hope, but as you know, in this particular time period, there is little to hope for when war and talk of war, hate and anger, and killing and destruction exist. Because the same kind of situation happened in Babylon, the angelic kingdom came down to promote an action that would change that—definitely through prayer! However if you will, listen to the angels' words about Lot trying to find ten good men to pray for the happiness and fulfillment of what would be placed into peace and paradise and not into that which would kill and destroy, and could not find them.

There were none that wished to be involved. Therefore again, at this time on this planet, there are those who come forward seeking each one involved or who has been involved in praying for peace to ask them to pray for the good of the land, to pray for that which could and will become another paradise on planet Earth.

At this point there are several Angelic Beings wishing to be heard and we will allow them to speak in their own way.
I enter as the Archangel Michael. I come to this group and others to place before you the hope and desire to bring about a change, a transformation in humankind, in order to bring about blessings and good, not that which is destruction and anger.

There are too many on this planet presently who do not wish to be good, who only wish to be involved with hate, anger, and destruction. Thus it becomes a battle, and it is truly a fight between good and evil. Because my sword became, in the past, this spear that destroyed the evil and released this pattern, I, too, come again into the minds and the hearts of the humans that wish to take that which is evil and turn it back to its source. You cannot kill that which is evil or even destroy it, for it is permanent on the Earth, just as good and the positive side is permanent. It is the Christ and the Anti–Christ constantly battling as to who will determine what will be and is the Earth's future.

Now, in every area of your lives, there is that which is not totally involved with peace, and therefore, it is time for each one to take their spear of Light and see to it that that which is negative evil and without any good for humankind is sent back, not to that which it has been but to that which consistently and permanently encapsulates it in its own light. There is no other way than what is sent out as evil is returned back to them.

That is the way, with neither love nor hate, to eliminate negative evil! First send it to its own pattern, that which sends out evil. It cannot be released but can be returned back to its own "light" and particular plan. This then is the way to handle it. It has always been in the ancient books and scrolls and scripts that this is the method. Do not accept evil. Do not allow evil to enter. Send it back to its own source and make it stay there forever, so it cannot again and again return to make humankind that which is destroying itself.

At this point I return to my Source, simply asking you to understand that you are blessed, for the blessing is constantly being brought forward through the Christ, the Light of the Christ, that enters and secures each one. No matter their religion or their ideals, it is still the permanent pattern of the permanent Christ Light—Light within and Light from above. Accept not that which is Dark but only that which is Light.

You are present on the planet because you agreed to be what you came to be and not someone else, not what anyone else thinks you should be, but what you came in your own image to designate, demonstrate, and to be. That is the way truth and honor and honesty continue. I return to my Source.

I enter in a very strange way, for I have been waiting to once again be part of each one of you who has been part of what I have worked for and with this Channel many times. Not just this lifetime, but as a Light Being, I have been many times on the Earth planet attempting to bring Love, Light, Peace, and Good. I am the Spirit that was the human, Wayne, and I enter to bless each one.

I ask you to remember that we still remain with you, whether we are spirit or not, within your particular environment to help you to exist, to support you. It is necessary for you to understand that your Light is important to Spirit, that your actions are important to us, and that through you we are able to exist in any way that is rightful for each one of you, and your families, your friends, and for the planet Earth.

We bring Peace and Light, and we ask you to remember that we are always present, whether we are in spirit or in the human. We are always present within your hearts. I thank you for listening. I have many times come to each of you, quietly telling you how appreciative of all of your work I am. Indeed, I bless you and I am blessed. I go back to my Source.

I enter as Eternal Cosmos. As each one of you becomes involved with your Teacher or Guide, I , like the director of an orchestra, place each one of you into your own particular instrument and that which becomes sound, the action of which is a great and continuous symphony. Each of you has a sound. Each of you has a voice. Each of you has a tone. Each of you has a method by which your particular energy in patterns with others becomes the orchestration of a great vast symphony.

Remember that as you “play” your own instrument and attune, “in tune,” it with others, it makes your sound and their sound blend into the beauty of sound together. If you become sound against the sound of others, it becomes tormented sound and retreats. Then you have invited anger and stress into any kind of actions that are harmful to others, and you become that sound which is dissonant, that sound which cannot be used in the beauty of the collective sound, but only that which must be dissolved.

If, at this point, you recognize that you are part of a symphony of great beauty and great wonderment, you will continue to cause your sound, which is greater than you know, to become part of this great and beautiful energy that contains and transforms and brings greatness to everyone you are involved with, within the world that you live and the planet on which you abide.

We ask you to remember that whenever you become angry, the sound is dissonant. Whenever you become filled with hate, the sound can be destructive. Turn it into that which is the Beauty of Sound, Light, and Love of what you bring in every way into being for the good of self and others. We all in Spirit bless you.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Glendale, CA