Am I a Psychic?
Eternal Cosmos

for September 2019

Each human being has instinct and has a separate area in which they have conscious feelings that they know something before it happens. Many have developed this and can tell ahead of time what is going to happen. For instance, if your telephone rings and you know who is calling before you pick it up, this is a simple manifestation of one’s ability to move into something before it happens.

All humans have it, for on the subconscious level they have come from the animal creature which has highly developed instinct. Humans’ abilities have been subdued and lessened through environment, through city life, and through civilization, which have closed off many of the areas which through sight and sound and instinct were heightened in ancient times.

Psychic ability is different from instinct, for it is an ability to move into and use Spirit, whether through voice, sensing, sight, or sound. Psychic ability then must be developed, unless you have earned the right to immediately tap the Infinite, and we do not speak of the God source. We speak of the outer dimensions of Spirit and Spirit planes of existence.

So you see that one within the need to develop psychic ability must work for it. No psychic ability or talent, no matter how much you have in the beginning, can be reached without going through training, for you can reach it, but if you find that suddenly you misuse it because you do not know the right way to use it, it can be dangerous.

So there are many ways to reach these abilities but Spirit asks that you be careful and know you can protect yourself against any invasion of negative energies which can easily occur when you are unaware of how to screen or close your psychic centers, your chakras. Psychic development is like any other type of wisdom. It must be used and kept in constant practice. You can be psychic as a child and lose it because it is shut off by those who do not know or understand its value or because you no longer need it to help you as an adult.

Psychic ability can be reestablished in maturity within what you have already known. Spirit often comes to children because they know and understand their spiritual source. If they mistreat this ability or allow any form to enter, even through patterns like nightmares and dreams which indeed should be carefully understood, the child should be cleared and cleansed of any invading entities (one can use the Mantra Prayer of Protection to do this.)

Psychic ability has great good within it for if you can communicate with Spirit and your Teachers and Guides (through prayer, contemplation, or meditation also), the teachings and the wisdom can be useful, but remember that there are those who have subconscious karmic memories of misusing psychic power in other lives and because of that being crucified, burned at the stake, or destroyed by it in some manner. If they have a feeling they should not be part of it unless they understand that they have come into this life to overcome the negative actions of the past, or if in some way they are aware that there is an attempt to reach them and raise them and give them a useful gift, then all of these areas must be understood before they truly fulfill their psychic gifts and talents.

Bless you each and every one.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
               Glendale, CA

Editor’s Note: Our Teachers, Wayne Guthrie and Bella Karish referred to themselves as sensitives not psychics.