A Metaphysical Approach to the Field of Consciousness
The Three Selves Power Point Video Script
Additional Comments

The Fellowship of Universal Guidance was a duly incorporated body based upon high spiritual, ethical, and moral principles whose aim is to bring into focus, for the individuals being directed to us, the New Age Dimension of Consciousness.

The period of emotional evolution in which the world is now functioning is moving at a tremendous speed. This physical evolution, both individual and planetary, is correlated with a spiritual evolution: to bring the spiritual facet of the human's conscious being into coordination with other areas of their being, and is our special concern.

In order to bring light upon the problems and challenges of the individual, Wayne Guthrie, D.D. and Bella Karish, D.D. formulated a program channeled from ancient Atlantean wisdom. For those who have reached the point of desiring spiritual insight, believing there is hope for a better, more harmonious life expression, and seek a way to reach this goal, we have prepared this program. The personal counseling is no longer offered.

The purpose and goal of the Three Selves is to help evaluate and balance the three individual entity forms that comprise the levels of human consciousness, assisting them to reach upward from the lower self into the spiritual God-self for fulfillment. In order to achieve this, the human lessons must be mastered within the conscious level of awareness and understanding while within the physical body.

Integration and attunement of the three levels will establish the Triad - the Trinity within the human - and promotes evolvement into the Higher Levels of Spiritual Awareness. This program provides a pathway there.

Slides (and Some Augmentation)

1. Portals to Your Higher Consciousness
Through the integration of your Three Selves - Subconscious, Conscious, and High Self
2. Purpose
3. To Create a Bridge
4. Since 1961
5. "Everything you can imagine is real." - Picasso
6. "Awareness is the greatest agent for change." - Eckhart Tolle
This program will increase your awareness.
7. According to Harvard Cognitive-Neuro scientists...
8. Ratio of data stored within the Subconscious Mind to the Conscious Mind...
It seems logical that we pay attention to what is stored in our Subconscious Mind if we choose to evolve.
9. None of us are native to this planet.
10. None of us.
11. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience." - de Chardin
12. Our Soulic source could be from The Solar System or the
13. Milky Way Galaxy or the
14. The Universe or the
15. The Master Universe
16. The source of this program originated in Atlantis, thousands of years ago, at the beginning of human memories.
17. The Three Selves are composed of your High Self, your Conscious Self, and your Subconscious Self or Basic Self (or Selves)
18. The Fellowship’s two books explore this further.
Portals to Your Higher Consciousness
19. Working with Your Three Selves
20. The Teaching in This School
21. Purpose
22. The Three Selves Approach is based upon the acceptance of one doctrine and two spiritual laws
23. The Doctrine of Incarnation, The Spiritual Law of Karma, The Spiritual law of Dharma
24. The Doctrine of Incarnation with its three parts
25. Explanation of its three parts
26. Two Spiritual Laws of Karma and Dharma
27. Karma explained
28. The Purpose of Karma
29. Cartoon illustrating Karma
30. Karmic Cycles
31. Tools for Handling Karma
Also Ho' o pono pono is effective:
Step 1: Repentance - JUST SAY: I'M SORRY. ...
Step 2: Ask Forgiveness - SAY: PLEASE FORGIVE ME. ...
Step 3: Gratitude - SAY: THANK YOU. ...
Step 4: Love - SAY: I LOVE YOU.
32. How to Handle Karma Picture
33. Karma Cartoon
34. Dharma Explanation
35a. Spiritual Talents of Dharma you come in with
35b. Additional Talents
36. Field of Consciousness Chart
In this chart, one can clearly see the relationship of each part of our consciousness to the other.
37. Explanations of parts of the chart: Soul
38. Spirit
39. Change of Spirit - Changes of motivations in our lives
40. What the Akashic Records are and how they pertain to each of us
41. Dual Polarity of Planet Earth- Why is this important?
There is always a choice on planet Earth. When we choose anything that is not of the higher energies, i.e. the good, the Light, we accrue karma, which must eventually be brought into balance by using any of the tools mentioned (slide 31)
42. Polarity Chart - The relationship of Evil to Negative to Neutral to Good
43. Explanation of the Chart
44. Spiritual Protection - Why is this necessary?
Because there is duality and evil intent, on occasion, it is important to have tools to handle it.
45. The Three Selves
What they are and how to work with them.
46. High Self (Divine Mind) - Definition
47. Conscious Self - Definition
48. Basic Self/Selves or the Subconscious Mind/s - Definition
49. Four Origins of the Basic Selves - These descriptors may offer insight into the way the Basic Selves handle challenges in your life.
50. Elemental Basic Self Illustration
51. Devic Basic Self Illustration
52. Angelic Basic Self Illustration
53. Outer Spacial Basic Self Illustration
54. Three Types of Basic Selves - This shows they may present differently and reflects on their support of the Consciousness. They each have names, if you are sensitive enough to discern them, which also reflect on their approach to the Consciousness.
55. Qualities of the Basic Selves - Basic Selves can be masculine, feminine, or androgynous. The masculine and feminine qualities are mentioned here. If you have a challenge with determination, the masculine Basic Self will likely be in charge of that quality, for example, and working with the male Basic Self can improve that quality in you.
56. Emotions - Definition and importance to working relationship with your Basic Selves and, therefore your life’s functioning and effectiveness.
57. We are tested and challenged through our emotions. These are a good indication of the lessons your Basic Selves have come to work through. Helping your Basic Selves bring these into balance will enhance your life and release the karma these emotions carry.
58. Responsibilities of the Basic Selves - These are the areas affected when the Basic Selves are out of balance. Working with them to bring them into balance will bring greater health into these areas and be felt within your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.
59. Psychic Centers (Chakras or Doors) - Names, positions, colors, and gifts
60. How to Communicate with Your Basic Selves - These are examples of ways to talk to your Basic Selves if you need their help, or if you need them to join you going to your High Self to find the correct working through of a challenge. Communicating with them goes directly to the source of the challenge and can be the most effective way to move forward. Treat them like friends.
61. What Nourishes Your Basic Selves? - Vital information for a smoother functioning life.
62. Three C's of the Basic Selves - They are intimately involved in every thought and action in your day. They can be your effective partners with your High Self, or not, to accomplish all that is in your karmic plan to fulfill.
63. 5 P’s of the Basic Selves - Things your Basic Selves needs from you to operate optimally.
64. Why Your Basic Selves Do Not Cooperate with you - This can lead to frustration in every area of your life, including health issues.
65. Ways the Basic Selves Relate to the Conscious Mind - Pay attention to what you hear from them and how your life is working. All of these are your Basic Selves talking to you.
66. Obsessions and Possessions - Referring back to the Field of Consciousness Chart, these are definitions of major blocks in a person's life.
67. Missionary Basic Self - If a person’s Basic Selves are recalcitrant and unwilling to work with the Conscious Self, a Missionary Basic Self can be provided by one's High Self.
68. Guardian - Definition - See Chart
69. Master Teacher - Your personal teacher throughout this embodiment and the gifts it brings and the areas it covers. This and your Doctor Teacher are your major helpers and Guides in this lifetime. See chart.
70. Doctor Teacher - Your personal teacher throughout this embodiment and the gifts it brings and the areas it covers. This and your Master Teacher are your major helpers and Guides in this lifetime. See chart.
71. Symbolic Names - You have many teachers. Each of your teachers has a name. If you are sensitive enough to discern your teachers' names, they are important indicators of what each teacher offers you.
72. Seven Spiritual Rays - Levels of Service - First to Third Rays produce an individual with the quality indicated.
73. Fourth Spiritual Ray - Defines qualities of an individual coming in on the Fourth Ray
74. Fifth Spiritual Ray - Defines qualities of an individual coming in on the Fifth Ray
75. Sixth Spiritual Ray - Defines qualities of an individual coming in on the Sixth Ray
76. Seventh Spiritual Ray - Defines qualities of an individual coming in on the Seventh Ray.
77. Purpose of Rays - This indicates your level of service, your challenges, and your evolvement to the Godself.
78. Three Selves
79. From Portals to Your Higher Consciousness, a fellowship book about the Three Selves available at lawoflife/store.com