A visualization and meditation to ignite the power we send

With this meditation, we invite you to experience an expanded version of yourself. We are each so much more… so much bigger than we can even begin to imagine. Know that, in an esoteric and physical sense, our hearts are designed to amplify one hundred thousand‐fold whatever is presented to them, and they have the ability to transmute … and transform … and transcend all forms of energy... all forms of energy! The intentions we set through our hearts are timeless in nature and they know no distance. (Cosmic Awareness 2019‐09 and 2019‐03)

So begin by bringing your hands in light and sacred touch to your Heart Center. Place your right hand over your Heart Center and your left hand over your right hand, with the thumbs lightly touching.

Now, breathe deeply in through your Heart...and out through your Heart…in through your Heart…and out through your Heart... Visualize your heart as the infinite portal it is…a portal that is your direct connection to the Divine, the Source of All Creation... your personal interface... This is where your soul is seated. This is where your heart wisdom and discernment live.

Breathe in through your heart... drawing the power of the Divine in through your heart...and with your exhale, direct it with love, appreciation, and every blessing to... your beautiful heart, and to your eternal soul, which resides there... Now direct this powerful energy to your amazing body that has been your faithful partner throughout your life… beginning with your feet, your toes, your ankles, filling, healing, blessing and thanking them…then into your calves…your knees, your thighs…feeling them warm with this sacred energy. Now, direct this powerful energy into your hips and torso…each organ…filling and healing, blessing and appreciating them. Feel the energy rise through each of your vertebrae…then into your shoulders, your upper arms, your forearms, your wrists, hands and fingers…filling them, rejuvenating them, blessing and thanking them…then into your neck, your head, your face… warming, healing, blessing, heightening, awakening them….every cell in your body dancing with joy in this glorious energy…. Now feel into these following words:

End: Let’s pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and feel the energy of Love and Light that has been generated…feel this pulsing... blazing... flaming... sparkling... healing... rejuvenating... joyful... Loving energy... expand through you... embracing you, transforming you…transfiguring you into pure Light, erupting in magnitudes of boundless, limitless Divine Light, nurturing, heightening and blessing All That Is.

Remembering that imagination precedes creation, let’s use our phenomenal but often underused…unfathomable gift of imagination to multiply that vast energy by 100 times. ...Now by 1000 times... by 100,000 times... Now direct this huge energy with healing and blessing to…each member of this Circle of Light... and then the Secret... allow yourself to receive it... in full measure…in return. Then send it back again…and receive it…in a continuous flow, spiraling ever higher, ever greater, as it is shared. This has been called the energy of Heaven on Earth.

Now, send that vast and blessed energy with Love and appreciation to Mother Earth. See her revel in it... see her smile as she receives that powerful energy...

She her shine more brightly than before. Feel your Heart and her Heart beat together in synchronous joy…. And take a deep breath.

Let's imbue our following prayers for the world, for others, and for ourselves with this powerful energy.