We encourage each of you to create your own Circle of Light, adding any prayers that support, comfort and bless you. Here is an example of ours

  • Circle of Light Script (See below)
  • Circle of Light Recording - Click here for an example

    Welcome to this Circle of Light, this powerful prayer gathering. It is wonderful to hear from old friends and to meet new ones. To help create a loving, supportive community of all of us, there will be a short time to share any answers to prayer, blessings, or things that spark joy in your life at the end of our closing prayer. Those of you who are aware of your spiritual teachers and guides, angels and archangels, ascended masters and Beings of Light that surround you , as well as all parts of you that support and love you, please take a moment to invite them to join us in this sacred space, this Circle of Light and Prayer. Each prayer we say here will help us refine and purify ourselves…so we can hold the vast spiritual power for Good that we will generate together. This allows us to imbue our world prayer with intention and magnified energy for fulfillment and Right Action. This is a universal prayer. If certain phrases we use are not comfortable for you, change them to any words that heighten you within your own spiritual tradition. Now…we suggest that you sit comfortably, with your arms and legs uncrossed and your feet on the floor. Take a deep cleansing and relaxing breath and begin by saying the Lord's Prayer with me.

    I will now say the Mantra Prayer of Protection. In this prayer, the word "Christ" is optional. Christ is an energy of Light—not a man. Many great teachers such as Jesus, Moses, Buddha, etc. were Christed beings. -Recite prayer.
    - a visualization and meditation to ignite the power we send With this meditation, we invite you to experience an expanded version of yourself. We are each so much bigger than we can even begin to imagine. The intentions we set through the heart are timeless in nature and they know no distance. (Cosmic Awareness 2019-03) So begin by bringing your hands in light and sacred touch to your Heart Center. Place your right hand over your Heart Center and your left hand over your right hand, with the thumbs lightly touching. Now, breathe deeply through your Heart....Deeply in through your Heart....and out through your Heart....in through your Heart....and out through your Heart.... Visualize your heart as the infinite portal it is....a portal that is your direct connection to the Divine, the Source of All Creation....your personal interface....This is where your soul is seated. This is where your feelings, heart wisdom, and discernment live. Breathe in through your heart....drawing the power of the Divine in through your heart....and with your exhale, direct it to your feet and ankles, filling, healing, blessing and thanking them,....then into your knees and legs, feeling them warm with this sacred energy. Direct this powerful energy into your torso....filling and healing, blessing and appreciating it, feel the energy rise through each of your vertebrae....into your shoulders, your arms, your neck and head, warming, healing, blessing, heightening, awakening them....every cell in your body dancing with joy in this glorious energy, lighted with bliss....Each part of us FULLY ACTIVATED, FULLY REALIZED, FULLY ACTUALIZED in this glorious energy.... Now feel into these following words:
    Let's pause for a moment and feel the energy of Love and Light that we have called forth together…. Now use the beautiful gift of your imagination to multiply it by 10 times. ....Now by 100 times....a 1000 times.... Now direct all that energy with Love and appreciation to Mother Earth. See her smile as she receives that powerful energy....and shines more brightly than before. Feel your Heart and her Heart beat together in synchronous joy....Take a deep breath. Let's imbue our following prayers for the world, for others, and for ourselves with this powerful energy.
    WORLD PRAYER - 2 minutes to place your own prayers for your local, state, national and world concerns.
    PERSONAL PRAYERS - 2 minutes to place your own prayers for yourself, family, and friends.

    We ask that we be returned to full consciousness and awareness of our physical bodies and, within the Universal White Christ Light and inspired and guided by our High Selves, we ask that we be cleared, cleansed, balanced, attuned and harmonized within all of our Bodies – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and all of our Chakras, and all of our Levels of Consciousness – Subconscious, Conscious, and High Self. We ask that each of our Bodies, Chakras, and Levels of Consciousness be placed within a triple electromagnetic shield of the Universal White Christ Light. And for these blessings, we ae grateful and give thanks.


    May you walk with God and all the Christed Beings that encompass us with Their Love and Light. We are grateful to you for joining with us in service to Humanity and to the Planet Earth, with Prayers, Love, and Light, to bring Peace on Earth, Good Will to Humankind, now and forever. Bless all of you and all Light Workers who, with their prayers, transform Humanity and Planet Earth. Amen. Let us remember that the Mantra Prayer of Protection was given to us by Spirit. We encourage each one of you to say it before you go to sleep, when you wake up, when you get in your car, and before every meeting and activity. You will find your way smoother, your life less chaotic, and your blessings more abundant.

    That completes the World Prayer. We encourage you to add any of these prayers to your daily spiritual practice. Each person devoting themselves to this WORLD SERVICE for even 5 minutes a day will find their own Spiritual Awareness increasing and their material affairs improving.
    For more information, you may access the Fellowship website at foug.org. For comments, suggestions and prayer donations, please email office@foug.org

    Please know that you are important to us, to this community of those who pray, to the world, and to God, the Creative Source. May the energy and Love generated in this gathering imbue your days with blessings and your evenings with restful, healing, rejuvenating sleep. Open yourself to accept every blessing with acknowledgement and appreciation. Thank you for joining with us. We will gather again next Wednesday at this time. This is Bill & Cynthia Miller for the Fellowship of Universal Guidance sending you Love and blessings and saying goodbye for now.