Dual Polarity: The Pairs of Opposites as they
Relate to Our Karmic Pattern
By Dr. William Rubenstein, D.D., Fellowship Minister (Deceased)

(This is in celebration of the life of William Rubenstein. William lovingly served the Fellowship for
forty-three years and made his transition three years ago.)

In presenting this material, it is essential to understand that the issues here are complex and, even though at times they are rather abstract, it is a subject worthwhile exploring, for it has many possibilities for expanding our own consciousness.

In Metaphysics, a great deal is spoken about Dual Polarity. The pairs of opposites and the extraordinary effect it plays upon our lives. When we observe life, we can readily see how the pairs of opposites are intertwined and interconnected.

There is a dance going on, a “play” if you will, in which we see forms being manifested. You see this between male and female and between negative and positive. As a rule, we seldom give this concept any thought. We take it for granted and yet if properly understood, it could make a dramatic impact in the way we think, feel, and act.

It would give us an entirely different perspective as to the way we view life. It is through the play of opposites that we are challenged on all levels. We say challenged because opposites seemingly not only contradict, create tension and conflict, but also catalyze us in various ways.

Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly bringing order out of chaos. Now having said that, it is important to realize that in order to deal with our chaos, some forms of meditation or contemplation is required.

To contemplate means developing the ability to concentrate, to think and ponder deeply about issues that trouble us, that give us a great deal of pain. We need to learn to become quiet and allow that which is within us to feed us, to give us insight into areas that are in need of attention.

Awareness is essential, and there is no way of getting around that. Living in a state of denial is truly no answer, no solution in dealing with our Karmic Patterns.

It is important to realize that Planet Earth is a “schoolhouse,” and in school there are various lessons to be learned. We cannot say how other planets operate, or how other life forms function, but from a realistic point of view, planet Earth is a tough school, filled with “hard knocks” that force us to learn!

To deal with life, we all need some kind of preparation. In working with Karma, the various changes we go through, usually involving pain and suffering, have a lot to do with the way we deal with the opposites. One can see this particularly in relationships where we become so embroiled, so overwhelmed, so caught up in our Karmic scenarios, that it becomes difficult to disengage, to disentangle ourselves from a situation. As a result, we have to wait a while until such time when our energies begin to settle down so that we can get a better perspective.

In speaking about opposites, we are really focusing upon the “emotional levels.” As a rule, there is a strong tendency to separate the opposites into different camps without realizing they go together. In metaphysics, it is called “The Interplay of Opposites.” Within this interplay, which is also sometimes called “The Dance of Form,” there is a continuous push and pull between them, and through their interaction we are able to make distinctions between what is good and evil, kindness and cruelty, wisdom and folly, agony and ecstasy, pleasure and pain security and insecurity, love and hate, trust and distrust, happiness and unhappiness.

It is through this interplay that we experience the fullness and richness of life and are able to extract knowledge and wisdom. Granted that we go through various crises at different stages, it is through these crises that we discover who and what we are and the various roles we identify with.

In other words, in this interplay, we discover not only our talents but our strengths and weaknesses. We discover what we want and what we don’t want. As the opposites interact, they catalyze us and we find that we are forced to reconcile them. We have to make peace with them, otherwise they will tear us apart, or fragment us. In metaphysics this is called “The Reconciliation of Opposites.”

Now, the Karmic Patterns that we have chosen to work out are very often veiled. When we say veiled, we mean they are hidden, because if we knew in advance what those patterns entailed, the chances are very likely that we would reject them, and sometimes we do!

Practically all Karmic Patterns have some form of Crucifixion, and like all opposites, Crucifixion and Resurrection go together. The Crucifixion leads us into the Resurrection and this takes place on the Subconscious level.

Our Subconscious, which we call the Basic Selves, and who is in charge of the memory bank, very often insists that our Karmic Patterns, our Karmic soap operas, be played out and brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

Contrary to many beliefs, our Subconscious is the power behind the throne and it is our Spirit who motivates or activates the Karmic Plan. Together they make a marvelous team. The Subconscious and the Spirit are like the motor and gasoline in our car. We turn on the ignition key and the gasoline ignites the motor into action. We are simply the drivers.

The Conscious Mind has to realize that it is only the instrument or the Ego. The Subconscious has a greater awareness, for it has access to the karmic memory bank.

In reality, it is the Conscious Mind that is really asleep. Of course, our task is to see that and to make all kinds of conscious effort to wake up, become alert, and to stay in the present time, not in the past or the future.

Now, one of the ways we can increase our knowledge and wisdom is to embrace all the opposites instead of fighting and resisting them. It is another way of saying, “Let go and let God.”

Now in working with the opposites, instead of separating them and treating them as a duality, let us approach them in such a way that we can learn from both. For example, let us take two intense opposites like Love and Hate and ask ourselves the question, “Do we love self or do we hate self?” Take time to ponder on it, let us say for about a week, and see what happens. We can assure you that some very interesting things will begin to happen. You will begin to see what areas need improvement and other areas where you can be more discriminating and less destructive. By placing Light upon it, your Teachers will begin to move in and show you intuitively what needs to be done.

The Spiritual Path is a Path of Self-Discovery! To “Know Thyself,” requires that we experience every facet of our being. It is essential to know the difference between Truth and Falsehood and their various shadings. Of course, to walk this path requires courage. It is not for everyone and yet, eventually we will all have to walk this path because evolution demands it!

We are all gods-in-the making and practically every great initiate has expressed it in one way or another. Now a good way to start on this journey is to see it as an “Adventure in Consciousness.” Look upon it as an experiment, for you are being worked on by Spirit whether you realize it or not. Experiment with yourself and see how far you are able to go to free yourself from your self-imposed limitations. That is why in the Cabala, this is called “The Great Work.”

In many ways, our Consciousness is like a rubber band. In its normal state, it is small and relaxed. However a rubber band was made to stretch. So as long as it remains in its original shape, it is not doing what it was made to do. To stretch is to expand, and when we do that, we are doing what the Creator meant us to do and is already doing with us and with the entire universe.

To sum up our theme, we would urge you to embrace all the opposites and learn from them. Within each of us are all the tools needed to bring about a transformation. We have within us Guides and Teachers who are most eager to assist us on this journey. Talk to them. Tell them how much you appreciate them, for they are truly your friends.

Bless you each one.