The Human Condition
Eternal Cosmos


Eternal Cosmos: It is very interesting to us how many people on the planet no longer know how to enjoy life. They’re filled only with the prophecy of change, of actions and reactions, of areas in which greed and money-making are more important than living life and enjoying happiness and peace.

No matter how much humans have been given of beauty and paradise — over and over again  — the human pollutes and completely destroys paradise and has to find a method by which their lives can be bettered, never knowing that to be bettered, they need to change within, not just on the outside.

We are very intrigued with the very human element, the creature element of the first beings on planet Earth that were totally and completely self-destructive. Many of you think that the world is punishing you, that the actions of others are punishing you — nature included. But realize that for many years, even decades, you have been slowly but surely destroying yourselves, forgetting that there is joy and there is pleasure. There is happiness if you but seek it, seek to bring about the beauty of growth and development, instead of looking for something to harm, or hurt, hate, or destroy.

Not one of you has yet understood that you yourselves are your own enemies. That many of you simply do not want to be different. Many don’t want to change. Many do not want to cleanse and clean the planet. Many want to live in disregard of self-containment. The pattern of the human world has become irregular, irresponsible, filled with any and all negative elements that are self-destructive and destructive of others and the planet.

Today, as in the past, since the beginning of time, bad seed was turned under to replant and reseed with good seed for a good crop.  We cannot tell you otherwise, for if you will look around you, that which is happening is destructive. Many are involved with ways that take from, eliminate from, destroy, harm or hurt something else — animals, creatures, human beings.

Do you recognize that this is the way your world has developed? Not into peace and Light and the pure pattern of the Christ Principle, of Light and Love and Beauty. At this time, your children, before they have grown into maturity to be of use to the planet and others, are being taught to hate, to kill, to destroy not only others, but themselves, as well.

If you will listen to your media, your television, [your internet], you will see that there is only a little involved with happiness, dance, fun, or joy. Much is involved with killings by children: children against children, children against parents, children against teachers where everyone blames the child, not realizing the parents’ understanding or misunderstanding of what the child needs — loving, caring, not to be left alone, to be taught how to use their time — is lacking.  

It is, in fact, the elders that are the problem, not the youth! At this time, the public — all the people on the planet — are the enemy, not outer spacials, not Spirit, not God. The humans have become bad seed and that bad seed is being turned under again as it was in the beginning of time, eliminated to plant good seed. That is the purpose of the cleansing. Not anything else. Not even if you believe it is wrongful, or harmful, or hurtful.

The Father of All Creation, as you call Him, is a good Father. He watches over all, but when He sees a child being bad, or destructive, He punishes the child in some way, or he moves that child into  a place where he or she can be taught to be better. You are your own enemies — I speak of the world at large.

Question: We understand when you speak about the human condition. However, when you mentioned that in the very beginning the animals were very destructive, would you say that the animals today are being very destructive?

EC: Not the animals but the animal-like humans. You are all without any doubt involved on the Subconscious Basic Self level with what is called the creature body, the elemental energy. You have not lost your instinctive pattern of the past or your elements in which you, as members of a previous lifetime (a teaching of this school), have been all of these things and are repeating them over and over again until they are cleansed. If they are not cleansed, then the Earth will be removed from anything but what is Maldekian or evil, which will result in the defeat of the planet Earth.

Presently, there are many destructive energies on the planet. Although there are aliens from outer space who have come down in the beginning to be involved with the world, trying to make it a better world when they came down as Angels, they found that the world did not want to learn. The people did not want to be part of the Angelic kingdoms. They wanted to be in their own image, and that image was not always a good one.

Therefore, the aliens returned, trying in their own way to see to it that the destructive — and not constructive — humans change their ways, but many humans are mutants, involved with the Maldekian symbol, which many people do not know or want to know. They think that they are living only within their own image now and there is nothing influencing them from the past or in the future. That is the problem.

You see, what I represent, through the Spirit of Edgar Cayce, has watched many things happening since he left to be an Angel. He sees the same things happening that he knew were going to happen, and that he prophesied, because he was in touch with another dimension.

Many children come in with such great ability to see into the future, but no one wants to believe that or accept that. Therefore, many of them are put into institutions and labeled as being schizophrenic, or without mind or an ability to think, and so they are not accepted. Many of the children of today are more attuned than anyone possibly could know, and many do not want to know. They want them to be normal, without being involved with what is normal. They do not understand that many of these children coming in have special gifts — they know the future but are afraid of it, and therefore do not want to speak of it. They do not want to activate it. Therefore, they are simply shut down. It is a sad situation.

Religion is man-made also. It has reached a point in which if you do not believe as those in the religious concept involved, you become detrimental to that religion, and you are someone to be discarded or put out of the way. You live in a very strange period of time, much like that in other past periods of time where volcanic action simply eliminated whole cities, or where hurricanes have eliminated many humans, homes, and areas, or where earthquakes and other actions are attempting to eliminate what is destructive and not constructive. The problem is that many good people leave with the bad, and that is something which is sad to us.

There is no one on your planet now who fully understands that these are challenges, that they are not meant to destroy but to catalyze you to change. Change is coming and the idea is that the change will bring you into a whole new concept of who you are and what you are here for. That is the purpose of the Fellowship’s teaching. What are you here for? Are you here for yourself alone? Are you here to make money so that you can completely eliminate your need of other people? Or are you here on the planet to help others, to give one good deed a day to someone so that you become useful and purposeful?

Comment: Tonight on the television, there was a very euphoric sense going on in our country that we have never been more prosperous. There are more jobs than we have ever had before, that everybody has a great future ahead of them, and there is nothing but the best in the material world for everyone on the planet at this time.

EC: But you see, there is a reason for that. This is the way the challenges become the pattern: where the human being hears these words and does not look at what is actually happening. This is only what you call fantasy. Are you involved with all of these good things, or are there areas in which what is recounted is simply a dream? These fabrications  do make people feel better, and that is necessary in a world where there is a need to control. When those in charge can make you feel that everything is okay, that means that you do not need to fight for your rights. You accept that what was said on television is right.

We are only pointing out to you that there is a change. And that change which is coming is going to be involved with what will give many good people an opportunity to take back their planet Earth, to make it a better place, a paradise, once more. This is coming! But you have to know that it has to be bad before it can be better. In order to cleanse out that what is negative-evil and see to it that it is sent back to its own source, which is not planet Earth. Do you understand? There is hope! Please accept that.

There is hope and help coming from a source that may not even be known to you at this time. There is going to be the coming of a messenger. And that messiah will come and speak to the world and change many things. Overnight, there will be changes. Believe it, and it will occur!

Just as all great beings of Light appear to bring hope, Light, and new beginnings, so it will be in the time ahead. Believe and pray for Peace on Earth, Good Will to Humankind!

Question: Do you see a change taking place in the consciousness of the human when that happens?

EC: Exactly. The heightened awareness of that change will bring about greater and much more hope to all humanity. The higher consciousness will develop from what will be spoken and activated by these many different forces of Light. That Light will not just be a part of the human, but will be a combination of another dimension as well as that. Just as every one of these great beings had to leave the world of the material to become totally involved with the Spiritual, these messengers will do this as well. They will change from what they are…into what will become hope and help to many.

So have hope and know that prayer does work. Prayer definitely is the only way to change actions and activities. We ask you to pray totally knowing that prayer can bring all things into focus and fulfillment within the Creator’s Will and the Highest Good of all concerned.
[A good encouragement to join our Wednesday night Circle of Light World prayer!]

Bless you each one.

Bella Karish, D.D.
Glendale, CA