The Middle East Crisis:
Your Role is to Generate and Hold the Light

Jonathan (a Spirit Teacher): Each one of you, in addition to millions of individuals like yourselves throughout the world, is very insecure at this time. Not just now, but insecure in these days because of what is occurring on your planet.

You have a right to experience this emotion, and it permeates in and through your very beingness. We, of Spirit, understand why this is so, but we also wish to reassure those of you at least who have a knowledge and understanding of the Light and what it means to be a Light Worker. Each one who holds the Light, who is part of an integral Light Team, as all of you are, becomes part of “Light Energy.”

Your role is single, it is not complicated nor should it be confusing. Your role is to hold the Light, to generate Light and to place such a shield about yourselves that you will remain unharmed. But more than that, to be dedicated to the cause of assisting the millions and millions of people who are frightened and concerned.

Never before in your recent history have you been confronted with the challenge such as is present today. Not that you have not had other conflicts, which have involved millions of people in many countries with great evil abounding, as is present today. But this is different, for you are all involved, whether you know it or not, or feel it, you are involved in a Holy War, and thus, this touches each of you to your inner core.

It is a Holy War that is between two factions that are not truly your concern. And yet, it is of a magnitude that is affecting every human being upon your planet.

You cannot move in and become conquerors, for you have already moved out of bounds of that which is honest and rightful. If you, at this point, instead of moving into the other countries, especially that which is now the attempt to free and in some way to help the Arabs in their own land, would recognize, it is totally involved with their karma – Ishmael (Arab States) and Isaac (Israel), the two brothers that should be together and will eventually be together, even though at this point, that which is happening becomes an act of war.

Your role then, as I stated, is single, and that is to generate and hold the Light, placing it into the hands of the Forces of Light that they might in turn use it where it is needed – for they know best when and how it is needed. You generate the Light, release it into their custody and they will use it for your betterment and for the betterment of the Earth.

Try not to judge the pattern, for nothing is as it seems! There are many anti-Christs at work, just as there are many Christ Forces at work. And the Christ Force operates in strange and unusual ways. They simply hold and carry the Light and energy, many not suspected at all of being involved with this responsibility. To contrast, the forces of opposition seem to operate through individuals who are vocal, and yet, there are many who sit in their “tents” and in their own homes, and project outward evil thoughts and deeds, creating energy that others may in turn use.

If the Light workers of the world do not generate and hold the Light that can be used by the Forces of Light, then a vacuum will exist and the Forces of Darkness will fill that vacuum with their own energy.

The Forces of Light – of the Good, of the Positive – and the Forces of Darkness – of Evil, of the Negative – are all operating. But it isn’t just in your world. These Forces come down from great heights, and those who are truly evil and dwell elsewhere work through their charges, or human instruments, to bring about chaos, for chaos is all they are interested in. Whatever will deviate human beings from their true purpose and intent while they are being cajoled into lethargy so the benefits of life will be taken from them.

If the Forces of Light do not do what they’ve been asked to do, and have agreed to do, then your planet will indeed be sacrificed – perhaps not destroyed, but sacrificed. And that would be a shame, for the Forces of Light have spent a great amount of time and effort to build a planet of Light and Love, and one that should add to the Community of Planets and stand proud in its service and contribution.

For many years you were told by many sources that the days would come when the Earth would hang in the balance. You are close to that point, and, indeed, your Earth does hang in the balance. We urge you and others to pray and hold the Light that there might be a restoration of equilibrium upon this planet.

Each of you can do it in your own unique way, for there is no prescribed method to realize that you occupy a space upon this planet, and you are here, then, within your own dedication to make either a contribution or to take away that which is your heritage.

I bless you, each one, and I return now to my Source.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.

Editor’s Note: It is the purpose of the Fellowship’s weekly Wednesday World Prayer (by phone) and the monthly World Prayer Bulletin to assist the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light to awaken and raise our Consciousness to salvage our planet Earth. (

The benefits accruing from this World Service are many. Aside from helping those requesting prayers, and sending Light to all corners of the globe, this will help to bring about a higher level of Spiritual Awareness within the minds of humans everywhere. Participants in this action of Prayer and Light projection show concern for the salvation for both humankind and the planet. They will find their material affairs improving, their own Spiritual Awareness increasing, and in the ultimate, derive the Greater Good.