Message from Inner Earth

I am a Master Teacher and Message from Inner Earth As I attune myself to your vibrations, I find that it is quite different than that which I normally experience, even while traveling outside my body. I come from a civilization that exists within the interior of your Earth or our Earth. I am, in addition to being the leader of my village, my community, my tribe, if you will, I am also the Spiritual leader of my people. 

Many thousands of years ago, when the Earth was moving through one of its many areas of crises or times in which the stability of the Earth remained in question, there were cities built by advanced civilizations that still continue to function today. 

It does not seem to the earthling that this would be possible, that within the Earth there are caverns and there are cities, indeed vast populations that inhabit these areas. We have what appears to be a physical type of life, and yet, by nature of the fact that ours is a protected community, a type of life that lasts for hundreds of years, when compared to your few years.

 We are a modern people and we draw our sustenance from the sun, as do you. Not known to most of humankind, there are many entrances into our dimension. There is one at each pole and many scattered throughout the terrain of the Earth, most of which are disguised so that those who need not be aware, have not the slightest inkling. There is an interchange between our civilization and yours that exists upon the top of the Earth. Likewise, a continuing interchange exists between our domain and those of the outer regions, other planetary systems, within and without the solar system. 

Our land is fertile and lush with growth. Our vegetables and our fruits are, for the most part, superior to those that are grown upon the Earth. They are free of the pollutants which are gradually strangling all life upon the crust of the Earth. Some of you, and I speak not to a single group, have had experiences in our area, both in physical embodiment and that which exists in the sleep state. We are indeed a highly evolved civilization, one in which there are no wars, no treaties, no crime, no pollution; one in which our people have learned to live together, to assist one another, to protect one another, if need be. 

When I say protect one another, I refer to a few isolated communities, also located within the interior of the Earth, that are similar to that which exists on your level, that are negative. These, by nature of their vibratory frequency, are isolated unto themselves in an area that is darkness. Occasionally they seek to enter our homeland and must be dealt with immediately. They function in a robotic fashion and seem to draw their sustenance from an alien force from beyond the planet. They too, will eventually emerge into the Light and beauty that awaits them. 

We are told that the Earth is moving towards a great exchange of energies which will bring about a shifting of the poles. It will reverse, suddenly, weather patterns that have been prevalent upon the Earth, and parts of the Earth, for a long time. There will be a need for many to move underground for a period of time. This, of course, will be of your own volition, within your free will. It does not seem possible that this could occur to you, but when the time is right, there are those who are linked to our communities and simply will enter, in a physical form, into areas which they have been in, within their finer bodies. 

The Earth, and all facets of it, is moving through a pattern of initiation in which all who occupy within and on the outside space, will face interesting challenges. It might not occur within your lifetime, but eventually it will occur as it has in times past, for it is so decreed and it will come to pass. 

If the human, who has an emotional structure not understood by many, could possibly understand that there is but one pattern and that is the pattern of service. We have been responsible, for placing upon the Earth, many vehicles of travel you refer to as U.F. O.’s. Yes, indeed, they are manufactured in our huge terminals. They are released on a continuing basis between our world and other worlds. Frequently in moving back and forth, they allow themselves to be seen, either entering the interior or being expelled from it. You would be quite surprised to know where these corridors are located. There are a number of them, both within the water and on land. 

You have heard much about the Bermuda Triangle. This is but one of the many corridors that link the internal world to the outer world, and your world is in between. Never has one come to our area that has not been within careful planning, and all who have ventured, no matter what the circumstances, today exist with fulfilled lives and are joyful, are happy, and are creative. 

Because, you see, their sojourns upon the Earth were but temporary experiences, as they were loaned, provided the opportunity to mingle, to live among the people of the outer Earth. When the time for them to return was present, they did so. But their being present in a ship on the high seas, being in an airplane, or standing in the midst of the multitudes on the busiest corners of your Earth, were all the same. 

There is much that you as human beings do not understand about life, not only your life and the complexity of it, but of other forms of life in existence that co-exist in the Earth planet. If you could understand that as I speak to you, I have come from a region within the Earth – but if I were to speak to those who exist or co-exist outside of the Earth – I also would be speaking from within the Earth, for what we experience then are but layers, and you, my friends, exist upon the Earth and yet within it, for you are within a vacuum and this vacuum extends around all of the Earth planet. 

It is important that you know that your lives are planned. They are patterned and many play a part in assisting each one of you to work out, to experience, your life plans. There is never a time when you are alone, for always at one side or the other, there are those, though invisible they are, whose responsibility it is to assist you, to guide you, and to direct you into the ways that are dictated by your own plans of service. 

I come to you in peace, I come to you in love, and we share much in common. We draw our sustenance from the same source and therefore we are “Brothers.” We will be called upon to serve you, to assist you more closely in the days to come. I bid you goodbye.                                                            

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D                          Glendale, CA