Our Inner Selves
The Larger Picture
By William Rubenstein, D.D. (Deceased)

When people come in for a Three Selves Evaluation, they are often surprised to learn how many
teachers they have within their Spiritual Band. We say surprised, because most individuals experience themselves as a single identity, when in reality, they are Multi-Dimensional Beings. We identify so strongly with this self called “I,” to the point that everything else from within seems to disappear from our own Consciousness.

We have a Conscious Mind, a Subconscious Mind (which we call Basic Selves), a High Self, and a Super-Conscious Mind. They are different levels of awareness. We also have a Soul and Spirit. They are each, in their own way, an extension of the Creator, connected to a spiritual dimension.

Within this dimension, there are all kinds of Spirits slowly evolving towards Spiritual Perfection. Everything that we see manifesting in the Universe is growing, evolving and expanding into a greater form.

We are, in essence, Spiritual Beings. In the very beginning, the gods came down and decided to merge with human beings in order to heighten human awareness. We could express it in another way. We are slowly evolving from hu-Man to  god-Man to become god-like beings.

This will come about when there is sufficient desire to merge and become one with the Creator. It is called Christed Consciousness. It is a state that individuals like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and other Masters have attained.

When we are able to see the larger picture, all our trials, tribulations, and sufferings take on a different meaning. Within the Three Selves work, people often ask,” Why do we have to have so many teachers to relate to? Why not simplify it?” We are rather amused by these questions because it is like asking, “Why do we have to have so many teachers when we go to school?”

If you want to sing, you need one kind of teacher. If you want to play the violin or piano, you need another kind, and so on. We need many teachers to extract knowledge and wisdom so that we might fulfill the Greater Plan.

We have a Doctor Teacher who is concerned with our physical well being. And we have a Master Teacher who is concerned with the knowledge and wisdoms as to whether we are making any progress. We are given their names so that we might communicate with them. In the overall picture, we are a “composite” of all of our Teachers, including the Basic Selves, the High Self, and our Super-Conscious Mind.

Another question that is often asked is, “Where does the Soul fit into all of this?”The Soul is that which gives Life and Light. The Soul grows and evolves through all of its experiences and assists us to fulfill our life plan.

Coming back to the dynamics of the Three Selves, one question that often comes into play is, “What is the role of the Conscious Mind?”

Simply stated, without a Conscious Mind, the human being would have no self awareness. We would function strictly as an instinctual form. According to our sources, the Conscious Mind comes in new each embodiment. As a Self, it has no real continuity. This is an Atlantean teaching. At the time of transition (death), this particular Self dissolves, disintegrates, and disappears. “Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.”

However, as an instrument for the Subconscious memory bank of past lives, the Consciousness activates the Karmic and Dharmic purpose of the Subconscious (Basic Selves). In terms of a teaching, the Conscious Mind has come into being to serve the Subconscious (Basic Selves). Of course, as human beings, we have great difficulty accepting this.

We take the position that we are in charge, when in reality there is a Higher Power who is in charge and guiding our destiny. Both the Conscious Self and the Subconscious Self have free will, and should one of these Selves decide not to cooperate, the Karmic plan comes to a halt until there is a reconciliation. Ideally speaking, it is essential that there be communication and collaboration between the two so that the Karma and Dharma can be fulfilled.

However, in the final analysis, the Subconscious (Basic Selves) has to have the last word because they signed a contract with the High Self to complete their Spiritual Plan – Karma and Dharma.

As to the larger picture, when the Basic Selves have mastered all their lessons, they then graduate to become a more evolved Self, a Master Form, in which they have earned the right to take on the role of a High Self, if they wish to.

The Conscious Self, from birth to transition, is the instrument for the fulfillment of the Karmic and Dharmic Pattern of the Subconscious Minds. The Consciousness grows and develops through cooperating with the Subconscious Minds when the Subconscious Minds release the wounds or emotional scars that they received during past and present lives.

What we deal with are memories, but that which is within us is a Higher Order of Consciousness representing power, intelligence, knowledge and wisdom.

We are a multiple Personality pattern that evolves into the fulfillment of purpose of our Life Plan on the planet Earth from the past, present, and into the future Heightened Awareness.

As to the concept of the Three Selves, it is essential that we look upon our Subconscious (Basic Selves) as teachers.

In closing, each of us has been given the gift called the Three Selves, the Three Levels of Awareness, in which we are given an opportunity to create and transform our personal levels into a more glorious experience and the greatest version of who we truly are.

Bless you each one.