Let me explain that each of you, as you increase your spiritual awareness, will undergo strange changes. You will find, for instance, a changing not only of thoughts and interests, but  the things that you were once deeply interested in will no longer interest you, and taking their place will be other things. As your awareness level increases—as your acceptance level increases—you will become much more sensitive to the conditions and reactions of people and things than you are now.

My purpose in mentioning this is to forewarn you so that you will not be worried but, instead, will learn that each new day will bring you new experiences. You will find  that you will be able to pick up thoughts from others, and you will know what the person wishes to say to you before it is said. On many planets, this is the form of communication. As your sensitivity increases, there comes with it the danger of attracting to yourself the negative conditions of others. In your own best interest you must not do this. Protect yourself with God’s love and Light and cast off others’ problems and illnesses, for you cannot and would not wear another’s garment. 

Each creature of God has a destiny unlike that of any other. All have problems that are necessary for their own development. I say this to you because there are those who have not learned this lesson and take unto themselves the problems of others. God did not intend this to be so but did intend, however, that you help another through adversity and learn how to become stronger and more aware. Never turn from a request for help. Give it freely, for if you do not give it freely, you need not give it at all. Give it, bless it, and release it.

Much help can be given to another without physical contact. Do not forget this. Each of you has the power of projection commensurate with your awareness. When the power of projection with enough Light freely given is focused on a given situation or condition, the condition must undergo a positive change. This is a spiritual law. Do not feel that you cannot project peace, love, understanding, harmony, and right action to anyone anywhere on your plane of existence or on any other plane of existence, lower or higher. It is a concrete, firm, positive thing. Compare, if you will, these projections to a spotlight, to a beam of light. Such a beam has an effect, is that not correct? So it is with your projection of love and peace and harmony. If you would project love, peace, and harmony to every other being,  not merely with lip service, but sincerely, you would find peace and harmony reigning throughout your planet overnight. 

Love is that powerful. This is the task that you are charged with. The simple act of stretching out your hand to another will have such an impact as nothing you have seen in this lifetime. It is contagious. As we, on the spirit side of life, work with each of you as your teachers and your guides, attending you daily, we are impressed by the good in almost everyone. But good has a way of slipping away in the still of the night if it isn’t constantly increased and bolstered. It is like a habit. If there is no need to create a habit, one is not created, but if a habit is created it becomes a growth for good or for evil, for positive or negative. Think about this.  There is much lip service, much wasted motion.  I would say to you: Practice what you preach.

There is none that cannot, from this moment on, be a better and more godlike person if one wished. This is the goal, this is the mission—the reason for life—the reason for all things. Be just a little better today than you were yesterday, slowly, a step at a time. Throughout the centuries, I have given my students this to ponder. As you close your eyes and drift off into the restful state of sleep, mirror your actions on the screen of life before you. Recall your conversations, recall your actions, and, most important of all, remember the thoughts that occupied your mind. It is through your silent thinking that evil is able to gain a foothold. If each time you recount your daily activities and focus them before you, and you are honest with yourself, you will improve and grow and become a brighter light.

I leave you with this thought: I request that you project your thoughts of love, peace, and right understanding to everyone within your land, and within every nation on your planet. Bless them and ask God’s blessings to shine upon them. They are those who are knocking at your gates for help and admittance. This is part of your work. I charge you with this responsibility. God bless you all.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Glendale, CA