Teachers and Students: Together on the Spiritual Path
Eternal Cosmos

for February 2021

As Spirit, as Teachers, as part of the Spiritual Hierarchy responsible for teaching and instructing those of our students who are open to our teachings, we are constantly aware of the need to reinforce what is known and sometimes not known in regard to protection. The human being does not realize their vulnerability, indeed does not realize the complexity of their own being. If they did, they would handle themselves entirely differently than is true in most instances.

As Spirit, it is oftentimes amazing to us that human beings are able to get through their life spans because of the many challenges that come their way during the course of their life expression. It is not part of the consciousness of some of you that there is a force field both within the spirit world and the human world that is dedicated to your compromise indeed your destruction, and in some instances, to your obliteration as a spirit form.

We, then, are assigned to you as Teachers. We seek in every way not only to bring that instruction that is necessary for your unfoldment but to protect you against harm that we can see in many instances and you cannot. But we, no matter how big our stature, have not the right nor the desire to interfere with your free will. It is then for the reason of the latter that many humans find themselves in increasing difficulty, because they do not have an awareness of what is required in cooperating with the world of spirit.

You are human beings, you are Spirit. I am Spirit. The difference between us, not taking into consideration the evolution, is that I am clothed, for instance, as a Teacher, in the garb of Spirit which gives me great freedom and maneuverability. You, however, have elected, whether to satisfy your karmic objective or perhaps voluntarily having done so, to be for this time and place within the dense physical body, and, upon entering into this physical body, placed aside much of the sensitivity that you had as pure spirit, placing it into reserve to be picked up once again upon leaving this physical world.

Now, oftentimes as human beings, you are not aware of what is around you, what enters into your vibration, sometimes entering in to defeat you. Your moods oftentimes reflect what occurs in the other world. You leave each night during sleep, unless you preclude such activity, and travel about the universe. Many of you are rescuers, missionaries, helpers, teachers and you no sooner move into sleep than you are out in space, teaching, instructing. Some have the awareness of the need to protect their beingness, others do not. Many return, having been impinged upon.

This, at first, is not a serious condition, but after a period of time this residue builds up and causes disastrous effects upon the spirit, and eventually, is carried over into your physical body, having manifested then in your other bodies as well.

Each day you move through barriers of activity, some deliberately seeking to thwart your spiritual progress, your advancement, not truly aware of the part that your Teachers had in seeing that you were able to get here to become part of this vibration. We as spirit, desire at all times to cooperate with our disciples, to help you, to assist you, to guide you over the rough spots. We ask only to be recognized. We do not ask for your thanks, for our thanks comes to us in the satisfaction of having successfully completed a task.
You have been moving, my children, through a period of upheaval in your world, certainly in your nation. You are going to find in the days ahead that you will continue to be attacked on all levels, at nighttime, in the daytime, in everything that you attempt to accomplish. It is part of that which must occur in order to determine for the Spiritual Hierarchy your qualifications, your worth, in order to determine whether or not you have the ability to understand who and what you are.

We as Spirit oftentimes are powerless to protect you and must merely stand aside and allow you to maneuver through the threat that faces you in order to ascertain whether you, as a soulic entity, have learned, have mastered and gained what you needed in order to survive. Many times we are able to protect you, and whenever negativity enters contrary to your karmic pattern or objective, we are able, providing you have allowed us to do so, to ward off and turn back that which would threaten you. But, as has been spoken here, oftentimes that which is negative, which is energized by negative spirit, is permitted to enter into your vibrations in order to provide you with a challenge, with the opportunity to understand and discriminate what is rightful and what is not.

We desire you at all times to allow us to assist you to the best of our ability, to protect you, to guide you, to direct you, to assist you in making progress that we know your Higher Self, as it carries out the requirements of the soul, wishes for you.

Know that you are not alone. Some of you, as you leave this expression, when the time draws to a close, will in your own right become teachers, guiding and directing those that are less than yourselves because of being in physical form. Know this: we wish to help you.

Thank you and I bless you.