Faith in the Midst of Adversity

I want you to know that truth comes to you in many forms. The truth that you can accept and you know is right is to you truth, though it may not be truth to another. That does not alter your concept of what is truth. If each one has what one believes to be truth within one’s heart and combines it with the truth of others, it becomes all of the truth, and yet each one might not feel it to be so. I say this to you because it is a preface to the message I wish to bring.

Each of you has started upon a pathway from which there is no turning back. You know this. Oh yes, you may — if you wish — take a side road, but eventually it will guide you back to the original path. These side roads are oftentimes necessary for your own growth, and if the lessons are not obtained in one way, they will be obtained in another. You must know this.

Because my attention is focused on many humans such as you, there is combined energy and power coming to you and emanating from you. You are asked to share in a common goal, which is important. We shall ask you to cooperate as students of Light to the best of your ability. In some way, this can be a testing for you — yet another testing along your route. Be that as it may, across the breadth and length of your planet, many such sparks of Light as yourselves are being groomed for a great purpose. You have all been apprised of the plan, which is to restore dignity and love to planet Earth. There are great pressures being exacted upon it both from within and without. There are great pulls of both positive and negative variety from many sources within your vibration.

There are those who wish for your evolvement into a higher realm of understanding, and they work more than you know behind the scenes to bring about brotherly love. And then there are those, of course, who never stop in their attempt to misdirect you, to subvert you, to bring you back to a point closer to the point of origin.

Now it is for you as instruments of Light — and each of you are in your own way, though you may know it not — to be used in many and varied ways to bring about the general upliftment of the human race, for each of you has great strengths and an inner knowingness that far surpasses your conscious acceptance. As you tune yourselves to the Almighty, the plan as it is given and as it has been given is known by you, for each one of you is an integral part of this plan.

We have spoken to you many times of cycles within cycles, and you know that within each cycle you are in your own right a star, a being of Light that flickers ever so brightly. The plan for all humans is your plan, for not one of you will escape it. It is that to which each one has gravitated at this time to be a part of the beginning and the ending and the rebirth of this change. It is a change that each one should welcome.

Though you do not understand all that which occurs to you, and on the surface appears to be of a chaotic nature, detach yourselves from the density of the situation and envision it from a vantage point above the happenings that are going on around you. Understand that the situation is necessary to bring your Earth into a greater plan, into a greater fulfillment and expression, and that it is the collective consciousness that must be altered, cleansed, reborn, and placed into a new position worthy of the further assignment that will be expected of each of you.

It is not necessary that I dwell at great length upon that which is occurring, for each one of you is sensitized sufficiently to enable you to understand that change is in progress. All things point to this change. The least of this is your own inner knowingness and, surely, your conscious acceptance of the great need for the change. You have fulfilled your part, in a manner less than satisfactory we might add, but nevertheless you have fulfilled a plan and have set into motion yet another plan that has taken, as it has in the past many times, the wrong path. Because of that, the errant child must be brought back into line and again set into motion in the right direction.

Humans have been given the right to choose, the right to determine their course of action, the right to decide their destiny, for there are many pathways to a state of perfection. But once that decision is made, it must be adhered to, and when the deviation becomes too great, then those who are responsible and have greater responsibility than your own must take over and bring you back into proper position. That is what is about to occur. Of this you have been warned. It is that we have wanted you to know, to accept, and to expect change. Therefore, you can be causations of great good and strength and Light from which we can draw our strength to bring about a cleansing so vital and necessary for the human race.

For each of you it is not a new experience. There is no one among you who has not had prior experience with such actions within the history of the Earth. During Earth’s history, there have been many such instances necessarily brought into beingness to right your course. Each time humans have been given some of the keys of the universe. To this point, each time humans have failed to properly use these gifts, giving way to the subversion of that one and his legion of followers who are always ready to subvert.

The human race has yet to master the possession of the laws of the universe, the laws that will permit humans to move out of the confines of limited bondage and move freely among the society within your own solar system — we are not speaking of beyond your system. Humans are yet to prove that they are capable of self mastery. They have yet to prove that they can truly be responsible for their actions, and can live and fulfill brotherly love. So therefore, one must go through many trials and tribulations until suddenly the consciousness of the Cosmos filters into one’s awareness. Then, all will realize that there is only one course that is straight that will lead to eternal happiness and great fulfillment, for which the soul has questing thirst. One has yet to realize that what effects one person affects every other within the human race.

Humans have not yet learned that the need for self-mastery is perhaps the greatest need of all, for until the fulfillment comes about within each individual, there cannot be harmony on your planet. There cannot be harmony among all of the system.

There are those who are most anxious to bring about decisive action that will awaken within each person the true purpose of their existence, but yet there are greater pressures that will not bow to the intervention of that which must normally be the course of evolvement for your planet. We sometimes wonder why it is that human beings require so much time and so many repeat performances before they learn what it is all about, before they learn to live and permit others to live, to love and to love in return, to give their all for that of others.

Yes, I would say this to you that you within your country are entering into a period ahead that will tax the endurance of each one of you. If you could see what lies ahead, you would, in a single flash, understand of what I speak. Imagine a simple ant civilization, the great edifices and compounds that they build according to a plan, according to their need. What would occur if suddenly the system that they use to cooperate with one another falls apart? What then of the plan? With each one going in their own direction, can you imagine the turmoil that would ensue? And yet, is this any different from that course that you are presently embarking upon? I daresay that it is no different at all. It would eventually lead to the downfall of society, and that is exactly what will occur, for it has already started.

It is not that which is to come, it is that which is occurring within your midst. Have you ever known in your present day civilization and understanding a period when there has been greater problems with your youth? Have you ever known a time when more were addicted to alcohol, to narcotics, to lust? In fact, have you known a time when there has been more addiction to jealousy and resentment, and the speaking of hatred for one another? Is this what you have been brought into beingness for? Have you been brought together to fight, to destroy, to distrust? I daresay not. Therefore the problem becomes clear. If this is the course that one chooses for oneself, it can only lead to destruction, to disturbance, for it is that which each one of you has set into motion, not necessarily in your present environment but in prior environments. It is that which must come to a culmination, as many of you are missionaries for the greater plan, and from the greater plan to utilize your combined efforts and strength to bring about a resurrection and a rebirth of a society that can endure the rigors that are expected of an evolved humanity.

You will have cause to realize the impact of my words. The time is drawing close when you will be required to draw upon your inner strengths and your convictions and to affix yourselves to the love of God and to the power of the Christ for they shall be your nourishment, your salvation, and your hope.

All governments of the world’s structures are in the throes of change. There is to be a great change within the systems, and remember this, my friends, that those who appear as your enemy might in effect be your teacher, for teaching comes to you in strange ways, just as truth is truth to each in their own way and form. Within the society of the country in which you live shall emerge great leaders from nowhere that shall rise to lead and direct you. You are the instruments that have been prepared carefully, ever so carefully, to expect and to anticipate such an emergence, and it is very close, my friends, very close. So you must not permit yourselves to become involved and reduced down to the level of the mass mind but to hold your heads high and your purpose intact, for that which is to come.

You have, each one, chosen your own free will to participate in this great game of life and survival, destruction, and rebirth. It is not what anyone has thrust upon you, for each one of you has partaken of it yourself, which is of yourself and which is for your development, for the growth of your Light, of your Soul. Therefore, blend yourselves into what occurs, shining forth your Light like a beacon unto all who would come to you from places you know not of, seeking from you strength and help and guidance. Draw from the Central Source the understanding and the strength that you need and you will need, for soon comes the hour of change.

Now you have been given warning. Many before you have also been given warning. As a result of the steps that you have taken toward greater enlightenment, you are privileged to be receiving this information. We will entrust it to you and we ask that you guard it well. With this I shall leave you.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Glendale, CA