Thomas Jefferson

As your nation celebrates an anniversary ─ your Independence Day, the Fourth of July ─ all of those who were present in my time as the framers of the Constitution of the United States of America have been drawn close to the Earth. Many are embodied upon the Earth and yet also are functioning with a duality that permits them move about the universe in higher bodies. All are aware, my friends, of the state of affairs the people of America have allowed themselves to move into, and there is, within this collective body of spirit, considerable distress and consternation over that which is occurring to you as a people.

Can you understand that in the days of the Revolution, when in contact with the world of spirit, some of us were called before the tribunals of the Spiritual Hierarchy? In my home of Monticello, I am at this very moment seated in my spirit body behind my desk broadcasting from that vortex of energy. Within my home, I built a room in the lower level beneath the main floor ─ for I was an architect, you know ─ a room that was used exclusively to communicate with spirit. There we gathered regularly to hold seances and bring forth that which could assist us in drawing forth the greatest document known to humankind, known to the Earth planet at this time.

We worked diligently with spirit, calling them in to frequent counsel and being called ─ summoned if you will ─ to counsel with those of spirit who were responsible for the bringing about of the United States of America. If you will, for a moment, think about it. It is indeed a unique land set apart from all other types of countries known to humankind; nowhere upon your planet is there another land like the United States. Many have asked ─ just as we did in our time ─ why we humble servants were called forth to be the framers of a bill that would bring about the establishment of a nation known as the United States.

Many of us did not understand what our role was to be. We met in our homes, even in the final days of the drafting of the documents. In Philadelphia, we met quietly in the wee hours of the morning in utmost secrecy, as our time to approach the spirit tribunal was 3:00 o’clock in the morning. There were twelve within the inner council who could be counted upon to relay information to those in spirit and hold the information we received in confidence.

Upon one occasion in Philadelphia, the times were particularly difficult and energies that we knew very little about in those times were prevalent, and angers were all about us. We sought counsel with our leaders from spirit, and into the center of the room descended an Angelic being, my friends, known to us and known to you as Michael. He told us to have faith, to not fear, to handle our prayers, to retain our faith, and most of all, to release our anxieties to God and to allow spirit to work through us. As we did this, out of the stillness of the moment, one who had been filled with anger and rage and had been particularly hostile to the progress, rose and became filled with spirit and reversed his thinking.

It was an electrifying experience that enabled many others who had aligned themselves with him to convert and become part of the manifestation of the cooperation between spirit and human to bring about documents that would serve as the cornerstone of all humanity. If you will look about you, you will see that even today, as your land moves through its severest testing in over 200 years, that the United States does, indeed, stand as a cornerstone of strength for the entire planet. This is due, my friends, to energy that has been placed within the United States. Each one of you is fortunate for having been drawn to this land, by birth or by choice, but all for a cause and a purpose.

In the future you will find cause to look back upon this message that I have brought you and realize that what was true in the days of my time will be true in yours as well, for soon there is to be an act against you as citizens that will cause you to rise up in arms just as we were forced to do against the monarchy. It will be your task to make your wishes known and to stand, each one, and be counted.

There are many who have designs upon your land that extend far beyond the land itself. They desire to use the strength and stability of the United States to bring about a conquering of the Earth. It must be stopped; it will be stopped, and you, my friends, will do it.

Remember you have chosen to be embodied on Earth at a time of great importance. There is not one among you that does not have an important mission to fulfill. Whatever your lot, whatever your choice, whatever task has been assigned to you, it is important, vitally important, within the scheme of the master plan that will be made known to you in the future.

As I prepare to return to my Source, I say this to you: Each of you has, within your inner beingness, a knowingness of truth, a knowledge of your purpose and your mission. Know also that you must stand together, work in harmony, in unison, in peace. Be willing to give credit to your brother and take none for yourself. Remain strong within your faith in God, for Light and truth and honor will win out.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, California


The Real Purpose of the Creation of America

Little has been known of the real purpose of the creation, development, and discovery of our nation. It has been alluded to by many historians and others that within the United States of America that there is a “Special Light.” The United States of America would serve as a land of liberty, and a land whose ports and points of entry would be open to those from around the world who would seek, and have sought, sanctuary.

Many have recognized that in some respects, the United States does indeed hold special powers and has abilities yet undiscovered. It has not been by accident that the United States has been a nation strategically located or that some who have been born in the United States have been inspired from the beginning of time.

It has been said in past years that there is more Light and Hope present within the United States than anywhere else on Earth. This is true, but also along with that has come a great deal of negativity and evil. The United States as a people has in many respects been very generous with its wealth, its ability, its “knowhow,” and therefore the forces of darkness that rule over much of the planet has singled out your nation for punishment, in an attempt to defeat you as a people, as a nation politically, economically, and in every way imaginable.

Likewise, it is important that the United States understand its special role. There are those leaders who indeed understand. Many great men have come and have served in various capabilities in your nation. Many have been fully aware and cognizant of their role and of the role of the United States. Many have left the physical body to move into spirit and have continued their work, but understand that as a result of karma, many evil ones have also been reared and sought sanctuary in your nation, and have been used as willing tools to bring about the compromise of your country.

You, as a body of people are a Light Team. You are linked with many others throughout your nation and indeed, the Earth planet, and it is time for you to assume the responsibility to bring about conditions within your land that will offer hope to many. We are aware that indeed you believe in the power of prayer and what it does do, and will do, and that when you ally yourselves with Spirit in common objectives, there is no limit to what can be accomplished. You all have the ability to change much that is occurring upon the planet, certainly that which is out of balance within your own nation.

We in spirit, can assist you to a great extent. In fact, we, with our ability can bring about changes so vast that they are beyond your understanding — if you will but allow us to function. But we need your energy, your concentration because you are the ones that have been chosen in this time and place to “embody” onto the Earth plane, and the law provides that those who are embodied upon the planet have the primary role and responsibility, as custodians, for its welfare and its salvation. There is no greater calling than to serve in this fashion, to make yourselves available within concentrated prayer action to bring about a change in your world. It does little good to go through the motions of prayer unless it is from your heart and is linked to sincerity of purpose. Lip service, is just that — lip service!

We ask you then to take on an assignment as we believe that by your working together with us, we can bring about changes in many areas. We suggest to you that you can generate the energy necessary to counteract and in fact, cancel out negative types of activity. We ask you then to utilize your abilities, coupled with ours, to bring about the change so that fear and anxiety caused by any wrong activity does not increase.

We would ask you each one to give thanks for this prayer opportunity — first of all for the opportunity to serve in this manner and to thank those in your teaching band, who assisted you and provided you with energy to do this. There is much to learn as you become adept in your service as a Light Worker. We thank you and bless you.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA

(Our Prayer Circle of Light was started in 1976, inspired by this discourse, and all are welcome to join us by phone every Wednesday at 5pm PST/PDT for this Prayer Circle (1-339-207-6334 toll call - NO Access Code necessary).


The Key to Friendship

To enter friendship’s door, I sought a key to fit.
I tried the key of wealth, but could not enter it.
I tried the key of fame, and pleasure’s golden key,
But friendship’s door so wide would not unlock for me.
But when I tried one key and gave the door a shove,
I watched it open wide, because… the key was love!