A Center of Prayer, Healing, and Wisdom



Dear Friend and Light Worker, We are truly grateful that we are able to continue to fulfill this beautiful plan of Light and Love that the Fellowship’s work has been blessed to share for the past 62 years, and we are looking forward to another year of service. Thank you for your ever-constant love, Light and support. We wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. We hold you in our hearts. ~ Bill & Cynthia 

PLEASE PLACE THE FOLLOWING INTO PRAYER, ADDING OTHERS OF YOUR CHOICE: • We pray that viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, and super-bug infections, and epidemic and pandemic illnesses, like the flu and COVID 19 and its variants, be transmuted through Light and prayer and that people’s vibratory energies be raised to strengthen their immunity to all disease. 

• We pray that all over-shadowing energies of power and control influencing all levels of local, state and national governments be replaced by transparency, honesty, truth, and Divine Right Action. 

• We pray that the GESARA (Global Economic Security Reformation Act) and NESARA (National Economic Security/Stability Reformation Act) produce the most benevolent outcomes for all nations and all humanity. 

• We pray for the worldwide transfiguration of all financial, economic, and political systems into heightened levels of consciousness, balance, and stability. 

• We pray for the continuing transformation of our criminal justice system to bring greater fairness, justice, and rehabilitation for all those involved. 

• We pray that there be freedom of choice in accessing traditional medical approaches, nutritional supplements, and complementary healing modalities, and that people’s vibratory energy be raised to strengthen their immunity to all disease. 

• We pray that any and all negative evil energies, war and talk of war, anger, hate, racism, mind control energies, and fear be eliminated from our planet and that peace and brotherhood prevail. 

• We pray that effective and efficient methods be found to safely dispose or transmute the vast amounts of toxic waste accumulating worldwide. 

• We pray that private-public sector plans and actions be implemented to eradicate illiteracy, hunger, poverty, racism, bullying, and homelessness, and that kindness and respect prevail. 

• We pray that the escalating number of fires, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, solar storms, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other extreme patterns be minimized or eliminated through Light and prayer. 

• We pray that our Spiritual vibration be heightened to discern Truth and Right Action in every situation. 

• We pray that as we experience daily events that may be beyond our comprehension, we remember to center ourselves in our Heart Chakra in Light and Love. 

In these confusing times, in these controlling and fear-based times, let us remember and trust that God is our Source, that we are in God’s Hands, that there is always a way forward, and that even though it may be bewildering to us, we are living God’s perfect plan for our lives. 

With grateful hearts, we hold and energize the vision of a healthy Earth with pristine air, lands, and waters; with peaceful, joyous peoples—fulfilled, self-empowered, loving, and grateful—who live in an abundance of vibrant health, happiness, and all good things, and who hold and energize an ever-evolving higher spiritual vision. 

We thank you for your prayers and financial support, and pray that you, our Fellowship family and friends, be kept within special healing and security in body, mind, and Spirit. We ask that God’s Will be done in regard to all situations mentioned above, and those added. We pray for rightful action and the highest good of all concerned in every situation, giving thanks to our Father-Mother God for help and continued guidance. 

With Love and Blessings, 

William Miller, D.D., President



~ William Miller, D.D., President